Obox Waves Theme Review

Obox Waves Theme


• Infinite colour options

There are many colour options to choose from. Hence, you can select the best background colour for your project.

• Custom logo input

Without getting into the code on the theme, you can upload some wonderful logos just with the click of a button.

• Page templates

The users can use separate page templates for separate pages which is a remarkable feature offered by this theme. The page templates included with this theme by default are blog, full width, and archives. You can add new page templates like links, etc. which have new functionalities and allow you to add more functions to your website or blog. The users can also customize these page templates in the way they want.

• Menu management

This feature will help you manage your blog menu in an easy and efficient manner. You will be able to add pages, custom link, and categories in your blog menu. The structure of the menu which you like can be chosen for example the tree structure, hierarchy, etc.

• Advert management

Setup your own buyseller adverts or even run own custom campaign because this advert management feature allows you a complete control on the revenue system.

• Automatic image resizing

The automatic image resizing feature will resize your image and make it fit for the space provided for it. You will only have to upload the image and all the other work will be done automatically.

• Ajax comments

The page will not be reloaded every time the viewers post a comment. They can parallel watch videos and post comments.

• Logo uploading

This feature is provided so that you can maintain your website’s branding with ease by making use of the logo uploader feature. It allows you to upload and store multiple logos and use them whenever you require.

• Favicon uploading

Upload as well as manage your website’s favicons easily. The favicon uploader will make it easy for your customers to recognize your website whenever it is loaded by seeing the logo on their browser tabs.

• Multi-language support

The theme supports multi-language features which allows you to translate the theme in any language which you want.

• Fonts control

Thirty six Google fonts and standard fonts are offered by this wonderful theme so that users have many options to choose from. A neat slide controller is also available which will allow you to select font size and font colour.

• Determine what goes where

Select typography for navigation, post titles, widgets, Meta data, and copy.

• Overview page

When the selections are finalized then using unison option available with this theme, you can see the overview of your page and hence get a good idea of the selections and combinations made by you.

• Ever growing list

Constant updating will be carried out with typography manager. This includes update of new fonts which are included to the Google font list.

• Create galleries

You can create beautiful galleries using this theme and make and attractive website.

• Optional image dimension control

You can reset the dimensions of the gallery collection even if you have done some modifications to it.

• Drag and drop ordering

Scroll through the gallery using the simple drag and drop feature and this will not require any change in creating dates and methods which are not-user friendly.

• Edit and maintain galleries

You can on your own set gallery covers, delete unwanted images, and rename images.

• Cash on your site

The advertisement spaces can successfully be managed and you will get back the money which you have invested in purchasing the theme. All this is possible with the OCMX advert management tool.

• Multiple block sizes

There is a choice given for selecting advert block size and they are 300×250 and 125×125.

• 3rd party advert options

The third party advert scripts like BuysellAds and Google Adsesnse can be introduced.

• Layout control

OCMX provides the option of determining homepage layouts to users with upto 3 different settings which include dynamic and powerful widgetized settings.

• Theme layout

You can stick with the unique and standard theme layout which was designed conceptually and originally.

• Business layout

This theme can be converted to beautiful and feature rich business or corporate oriented website.

• Widget layout

Get full control on homepage and control functionality and order of the sites landing page.

• SEO tools

The theme includes lightweight and simple to use SEO related features for targeting web traffic.

• Light weight tools

The theme allows modification and understandable testing and editing.

• Threaded commenting

The theme allows for in-built threaded commenting options thereby creating a better customer conversation platform.

• Ajax commenting

Submit blog comments without page reloading. Now, comments and videos can be watched together.

• Custom post type

The custom post types feature allows users to display product options, slides, and testimonials. Moreover, you can set-up individual post types with the help of in-built Meta boxes. With custom post type feature, the users can list favourite quotes, affiliate products, list products with pricing and other information, and much more.

• Full width page templates

The full width page templates will help you to exclude sidebars from your website.

• Custom archive page layout

For better and enhanced usability, the custom archive pay layout option is provided with this theme.

• Custom search page

Finding something will not be a lengthy and time taking procedure from now onwards because custom search page option will help your visitors find everything using the easily customizable search page template option.

• Side bar widget

This can be customised for latest posts and recent comments improvement.

• Featured slider

The theme is packed with clear homepage featured slider which will showcase products and posts.

• WordPress support

This theme supports WordPress 3.0 menu support option.

• Anchor blocks

The anchor blocks are used for displaying your post author’s details and creating a perfect blogger network.

• In-post feature

Some of the in-post features offered by the theme are social linking (retweet, like, dig, share, recommend), featured gallery scroller for showing latest galleries within the post pages.

• Browser compatibility

This theme is fully compatible with all major browsers used across the globe like Internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Chrome, etc..


Customization is very easy and all the features are also very powerful. The price of the theme is very reasonable as compared to the other competitor themes.


Loading speed is not very effective and some important features are missing.


Single pack cost $60
Developer pack cost $120
Membership pack $140.

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