Obox Azione Theme Review

Obox Azione Theme


• Widgestised homepage

The widgestized homepage feature allows for infinite videos which can be displayed in the categorized format.

• Short URL support

The short URL support allows users to use Google’s shorten URL plugin.

• oEmbed support

You can cut and paste the video’s URL and the theme will get the embed code for that video.

• Self hosted video support

This great theme allows users to upload as well as host videos on their website. For this, the users simply have to use Jplayer plugin to include the videos and the theme will perform all the rest of the work by packing it into a perfect design.

• Perfect for HD videos

Using this feature, the users can give their HD videos the attention and space by providing a massive 940px widened view port.

• Works as standard blog

Now, it is possible for you to use your website as a normal blog also. The theme designers have included the standard image uploader which can auto-resize and filter as well.

• Colour schemes

There are two colour schemes which are offered by this theme. There is one dark scheme offered and one light theme offered. When dark theme is used, the video is in-front and right at the centre.

• Custom logo input

The users are not required to enter the theme coding part. They just have to upload their logos by the click of a single button and rest of the work is done by the theme itself.

• Page templates

This WordPress theme is packed with many page templates and some of them include full width, portfolio, and archives page.

• Menu management

Now organising your menu structure is very simple and this feature will provide a smooth visitor navigation system. The users will be able to choose what they want to include in their navigation menu and what they want to exclude.

• Advert management

Setup your own buyseller adverts or even run your own custom campaign because this advert management feature allows you a complete control on the revenue system.

• Automatic image resizing

The TimThumb option will allow users to manage the theme by resizing their pictures.

• Ajax comments

When the visitor will submit a comment to the blog then page reloading will not be required. This means that the visitors will be able to watch the videos as well as perform commenting at the same time.

• Logo uploading

It will become easy for users to promote and maintain their brands. The logo uploader option provided with this theme will allow them to include multiple logos in their store which will suit different purposes.

• Favicon uploading

The users can manage and upload favicons on their own to their website so that your brand can be instantly recognized on their visitor’s browser.

• Colour selectors

When there are many colour options available, the theme lowers your burden by providing the simple checkbox option to move through the options. This feature requires no coding at all.

• Analytics install

Now you will be able to easily input Google Analytics code with a single button hit.

• Multi-language support

The theme supports multi-language feature which allows you to translate the theme in any language which you want.

• Fonts control

There are around 36 Google and standard fonts available for you to choose from. Moreover, the font size and colour can also be chosen as per the requirements with the help of the slide controller.

• Determine what goes where

Choose typography for Meta data, copy, navigation, widgets, and post titles.

• Overview page

Once the users are satisfied with their selections they can view all using the unison which is available on the overview page to provide them with good idea of the combinations and selections which they have made.

• Ever growing list

Constant updating will be carried out with typography manager. This includes update of new fonts which are included to the Google font list.

• Create galleries

The theme users will be able to create in-house galleries without the support of any website. They can simply create their own slideshows on their website and thereby increase web traffic because their fans will not require any other website to view their images.

• Optional image dimension control

You are allowed to reset the dimensions of the gallery collection if in case you have done any modification to your theme.

• Drag and drop ordering

With the simple drag and drop feature, users will be able to move around their galleries without the need of non-user friendly methods or changing creation dates.

• Edit and maintain galleries

The theme provides the provision for setting galleries, renaming images, and deleting unnecessary images.

• Cash on your site

Now, you can manage the Advertisement space on the website and earn money back which you have invested on your theme purchase by using the OCMX advertisement management tool.

• Multiple block sizes

There is a choice given for selecting advert block size and they are 300×250 and 125×125.

• 3rd party advert options

Now you can insert the third party advert script like BuysellAds, Google Adsense.

• Layout control

The OCMX provides users with the option to choose their homepage layouts from the three default layouts which are included with the theme along with powerful and dynamic widgets settings.

• Theme layout

The users can stick with standard layout for which the theme was designed originally and conceptualized for.

• Business layout

Now your theme will be converted to a business oriented website with the click of a simple button.

• Widget layout

The users can control their homepage wholly using the OCMX widgets. These widgets will help them determine their website’s look and feel along with order and functionality of the landing page.

• SEO tools

To target more web traffic, the OCMX provides easy to use and light weighted SEO features which will help you in gaining higher search engine ranking possibly for the keywords.

• Light weight tools

The light weight tool can be easily understood and modified and hence allows for quick testing and editing.

• Threaded commenting

The theme allows for in-built threaded commenting options thereby creating a better customer conversation platform.

• Custom post type

You can list your favourite quotes, products, product pricing, product information, and so on.

• Custom search page

The theme provides custom search page result template.

• Side bar widget

This feature can be used for latest posts, recent comments, and other options to improve the design and usability of your website.

• Featured slider

The featured slider is neat and simple to use and will showcase the latest work, products, and posts.

Obox Azione Theme

• WordPress support

This theme supports WordPress 3.0 menu support option.

• Anchor blocks

The details of the post authors can be displayed and hence it will be a blogger network.

• In-post feature

This feature includes addition of Facebook share, like, recommend, dig, Retweet, and various other social networking posts.

• Browser compatibility

The theme is compatible with all latest browsers and even with those that are due to come. Some of the browsers include Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, and so on.


The theme is filled with numerous features and every possible feature is included which the users need for creating a powerful website. The SEO related feature will help to boost web traffic to your website and thereby increasing your business opportunities.


The price of the theme is high as compared to the other competitors. Loading speed is not very efficient.


Single pack cost $60
Developer pack cost $120
Membership pack $140.

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