Obox Inkdrop Theme Review

Obox Inkdrop Theme


• Custom logo input

Without getting into the theme’s code, you can upload awesome logos just with the pressing of a button.

• Home page slider

A very beautiful homepage scroller is provided with this theme. The slider can be automatically or manually operated using the control panel settings.

• Business layout

The users can transform the theme to a corporate or business oriented website with simple button click.

• Page templates

This WordPress theme is packed with many page templates and some of them include full width, portfolio, and archives page.

• Menu management

The menu management feature offered by this theme will help the users to manage their blog menus in a much efficient and simple way. This feature also allows them to include custom links, pages, and categories in their blog menu. Some in-built menu structures like tree, etc. are already given so users can choose any of them.

• Advert management

The users can run their own custom campaign or setup buysellads adverts with the assistance of advert management feature which allows for full authority over the revenue system.

• Automatic image resizing

For resizing the images, users can use the TimThumb feature which will resize the image according to the space provided in the theme.

• Ajax comments

Now, your visitors will not have to waste time each time the website reloads when they give comments. Moreover, they will now be able to view the videos and simultaneously comment without website reloading.

• Logo uploading

Now, maintaining your website branding with the support of logo uploader which will allow users to include multiple logos which can be stored and used latter.

• Favicon uploading

Your website will get quickly recognized on the visitors browser tab as this theme allows you to manage as well as upload favicons to your website.

• Colour selectors

When there are many colour options available, the theme lowers your burden by providing the simple checkbox option to move through the options. This feature requires no coding at all.

• Analytics install

Google analytics code can be done with easy input.

• Multi-language support

The themes can readily be translated into any language so that you can enjoy working with the theme in your own comfortable language.

• Fonts control

You will get complete font control on the 36 Google and standard fonts offered by this theme. The font colour and font size can also be chosen as per the needs and requirements of your website using the neat slide controller.

• Determine what goes where

Choose typography for Meta data, copy, navigation, widgets, and post titles.

• Overview page

Once the website designers are satisfied with their selections, they can view the page using unison which will give them the idea of selections and combinations. If they will feel the design is not satisfactory then they can change it accordingly.

• Ever growing list

The work of the typography manager is to constantly update fonts whenever new fonts are added to the Google font list.

• Create galleries

Create beautiful and amazing looking galleries inside your website and without the support of any other website. Simply design the slideshow of your own on the website and attract web traffic by not letting your visitors visit any other website for viewing your images.

• Optional image dimension control

Even after you have made any change to the theme, you can use this feature to reset the gallery collection dimensions.

• Drag and drop ordering

Moving around galleries with easy drag drop action will now be very convenient. Here, you neither have to change creation dates nor use any non-friendly methods.

• Edit and maintain galleries

The theme provides the provision for setting galleries, renaming images, and deleting unnecessary images.

• Cash on your site

Manage all Ad spaces present on the website and get money back on the theme instantaneously with OCMX management tool option.

• Multiple block sizes

There are two advert block size options available which you can choose according to your website’s requirement and they are 300×250 and 125×125.

• 3rd party advert options

You can insert the third party advert script like Google Adsense, Buysellads, etc. in your website.

• Layout control

The OCMX provides users with the option to choose their homepage layouts from the three default layouts which are included with the theme along with powerful and dynamic widgets settings.

• Theme layout

You can opt for the originally designed and conceptual unique theme layout.

• Business layout

Convert the theme to a business oriented website using the simple and efficient click of the button.

• Widget layout

You can not only control the homepage but also the functionality and order of the website landing page.

• SEO tools

To target more web traffic, the OCMX provides easy to use and light weighted SEO features which will help you in gaining higher search engine ranking for the keywords.

• Light weight tools

Easy understanding and simple modifications are possible along with quick testing as well as editing.

• Threaded commenting

Now your customers will be able to easily connect with you through the threaded commenting option.

• Ajax commenting

Page reloading will not occur whenever comments to the blog are submitted by the visitors. Provision for watching the video and at the same time commenting is provided.

• Custom post type

The users can also customize these page templates in the way they want. The page templates included with this theme by default are blog, full width, portfolio page, and archives. You can add new page templates like links, etc. which have new functionalities and allow you to add more functions to your website or blog.

• Custom archive page layout

For better theme usability, you will find the custom archive page layout feature.

• Custom search page

Finding something on the website will not be an issue for your website visitors because custom search page template is here for providing the support.

• Side bar widget

This feature can be used for latest posts, recent comments, and other options to improve the design and usability of your website.

• Featured slider

The homepage featured slider which is offered with this theme is neat and will showcase your recent work, products, and posts.

• WordPress support

WordPress 3.0 menu support option is offered which provides complete control on the theme.

• Anchor blocks

Show all the post author details and create a perfect blogger network.

• In-post feature

This feature includes addition of Facebook share, like, recommend, dig, Retweet, and various other social networking posts.

• Browser compatibility

The theme was built keeping in mind the different browsers which are being used these days. As a result, this theme is compatible on all latest browsers whether it is Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, or any other browser.


The easy to customize features help to make the website more suited to the topic. The cost of the theme is very low as compared to the number of features and functionalities it offers.


Loading speed is not very good when images and data are available in large quantities.


Single pack cost $60
Developer pack cost $120
Membership pack $140.

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