Obox Clean Cut Theme Review

Obox Clean Cut Theme


• Custom logo input

Now there is no need to waste time in coding your theme because all this can be done by the clicking the button simply.

• Slogan widget

You can include a brief description of what products and services your website is offering as well as include links to those services and products.

• Multipage templates

The theme is fully packed with page templates with Clean Cut including Product listing modules, blog, etc. Along with this, standard templates are also provided like services, archives, and full width.

• Two track slider

You get the option to choose between sliders which show latest blog posts or latest product lists.

• Service listings

The Clean Cut theme offers unique page templates and home page widget to provide your customers a list of the products and services you offer.

• Product listings

Although Clean Cut theme isn’t an e-commerce theme but still some flexible features are included in it. Hence, your products and services will simply be listed on the website.

• Sales analytics

Keep a careful watch on your incoming reviews and sales, general store performance, stock levels, and statistics from the WordPress dashboard.

• Shipping and tax

The WooCommerce offers in-built and comprehensive shipping settings which will enable users to specify shipping rate per product, declare flat rates for the products, and also provide shipping free of cost.

• Create and sell products

The main focus is given on easy to use product management feature. If the users fall comfortable in penning down and publishing posts within WordPress, then adding products to will also be simple for them.

• Payment gateways

Going through the hassle of adding self payment gateway is not always possible. To solve this issue, Woocommerce provides built-in support in the form of many popular gateways which can be used as Play and Plug.

• New slider

You will find an updated slider with a complete bunch of options which will allow you to display blog posts, portfolio posts, and product posts, with content. If product display is selected, then an overlay displaying description and name of the product will also appear in the slider. Whenever, there are more products or images, the slider will get displayed automatically.

Obox Clean Cut Theme

• Cart drop down

With the drag and drop feature, the shopping cart is available on the right top section of the screen for the users convenience.

• Sale and price tabs

The price will now not be hidden from the list page so that your website looks neat and great.

• Purchase button area

To enhance the style of your website, this Clean Cut theme offers purchase button area option as well.

• Page templates

The users will get unlimited page templates to use. Moreover, the users can easily customize these templates to suit their website’s needs and requirements. Basically there are four page templates offered and these are contact form, blog page, archives page, and no sidebar page. The users can also create their own page templates as well.

• Menu management

To provide smooth navigation to your website visitors, you can organize the menu according to the needs and requirements of your website with the help of menu management feature option available with this theme.

• Advert management

The users can run their own custom campaign or setup buysellads adverts with the assistance of advert management feature which allows for full authority over the revenue system.

• Automatic image resizing

Images which are uploaded can be automatically re-sized to three different sizes. All the three images will be accessible from the media library of the WordPress which will make their management easy and quick.

• Ajax comments

Whenever the website visitors will comment on the blog, your website will not perform any reloading process. The Ajax commenting feature allows you to do so. This means that viewers can see videos and post comments at the same time without any hassle.

• Logo uploading

This feature is provided so that you can maintain your website’s branding with ease by making use of the logo uploader feature. It allows you to upload and store multiple logos and use them whenever you require.

• Favicon uploading

Favicons can be easily uploaded and managed to your website. Now, when the visitors will type your website URL in their browser tab, your brand’s logo will appear which will make your website recognizable.

• Colour selectors

Since there are many colour options available with this theme, a simple checkbox is provided to simplify your work load of choosing the colour, which you can switch through without any code change.

• Analytics install

Google analytics code can be done with easy input.

• Multi-language support

The theme creators made sure that those who are not comfortable in designing a website using English language should not be left away from utilizing this wonderful theme. Hence, the translation ready feature is added to it which can translate the theme options in different languages like French, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, and so on to make it easy for the users to work with this platform.

• Fonts control

Thirty six Google fonts and standard fonts are offered by this wonderful theme so that users have many options to choose from. A neat slide controller is also available which will allow you to select font size and font colour.

• Determine what goes where

Selecting typography for copy, post titles, Meta data, navigation, and widgets is also provided by the theme.

• Overview page

You get the opportunity to view the page you have created after careful selection using the unison option. This will also give you the idea about the selections and combinations and whether or not they suit the website.

• Ever growing list

The work of the typography manager is to constantly update fonts whenever new fonts are added to the Google font list.

• Create galleries

Create beautiful and amazing looking galleries inside your website and without the support of any other website. Simply design the slideshow of your own on the website and attract web traffic by not letting your visitors visit any other website for viewing your images.

• Optional image dimension control

All the gallery collection dimensions can be reset whenever you do a modification in your website.

• Drag and drop ordering

Scroll through the gallery using the simple drag and drop feature and this will not require any change in creating dates and methods which are not-user friendly.

• Edit and maintain galleries

Deletion of unwanted images, renaming of images, and setting of gallery covers can be done using this feature.

• Cash on your site

Get your theme purchase money back by managing all Ad space on your website. Use the OCMX advert management tool option to do this.

• Multiple block sizes

The two block sizes which are supported by this theme include 125×125 and 300×250.

• 3rd party advert options

The third party advert scripts like BuysellAds and Google Adsesnce can be introduced.

• Layout control

Control the complete layout of the homepage with the help of three default settings provided with powerful widgetized settings.

• Theme layout

The standard theme layout is not only unique but originally conceptualized and organized for.

• Business layout

The users can transform the theme to a corporate or business oriented website with a simple button click.

• Widget layout

Give new look and feel to the homepage by gaining complete control as well as functionality and ordering of the website landing page.

• SEO tools

The SEO tools which this theme supports are light in weight as well as target keywords which in turn prove fruitful in making your website rank high in various search engines.

• Light weight tools

All the tools provided are light-weight and easy to use, understand, and modify so that quick testing and editing can be performed.

• Threaded commenting

The Threaded comments feature will help you connect as well as interact with readers easily. You can also keep a record of who is saying what and to whom. The number of levels can be set and accordingly the conversation takes place.

• Custom post type

Ad listing is separated from blog posts so less confusion will arise. With the Ad listing management, it becomes easy to track and manage the Ad lists on the website.

• Full width page templates

If the users are not interested in including sidebar, then the full width page template will solve their purpose.

• Custom archive page layout

For better and enhanced usability, the custom archive pay layout option is provided with this theme.

• Custom search page

Now your visitors will enjoy searching on your website because of the easy and customized search page results option provided with this theme.

• Side bar widget

The sidebar widgets allow you to include latest posts and recent comments with the customised designed widgets.

• Featured slider

To display the latest products and work posts, a neat homepage slider feature is provided with this theme.

• WordPress support

WordPress 3.0 menu support option is offered which provides complete control on the theme.

• Anchor blocks

To create blogger network, you get the provision to display the information of post authors.

• In-post feature

Some of the in-post features offered by the theme are social linking (retweet, like, dig, share, recommend), featured gallery scroller for showing latest galleries within the post pages.

• Browser compatibility

The theme was built keeping in mind the different browsers which are being used these days. As a result, this theme is compatible on all latest browsers whether it is Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, or any other browser.

Obox Clean Cut Theme


Absolutely new and advanced features are offered by this WordPress theme. The theme is cost-effective so both the small

business and big business owners can afford it. The designing is very quick and easy.


Some designers feel that the loading speed of this theme is not very fast. They complain that including large amount of data and images, affects the website loading speed considerably.


Single pack cost $60
Developer pack cost $120
Membership pack $140.

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