Wordpress Plugins

Builder Plugin Review- A Premium Plugin for Complete Customization of Individual Posts and Pages in your Site

The Builder Plugin from Elegant Themes gives you a perfect control over every post or page on your theme-allowing you to customize its design and layout. An easy to use drag and drop interface helps you organize your pages and [...]

WP Zon Builder Plugin Review- A Premium WordPress Plug-in for Amazon Affiliate sites

WP Zon Builder is a premium plug-in that allows you to connect to the Amazon affiliate program and use conversions to build your affiliate income. You can create a fully-loaded affiliate site within not time by and can also add [...]

WP Optimix Plugin Review- A Premium security and Back-Up plug-in for WordPress sites

WP Optmix is a utility plug-in that creates periodic back-ups of your data and integrates with remote servers.  Its surprisingly easy to manage and can be easily configured according to your site requirements. The WP Optimix plug-in not only manages [...]

Roundabout Slider Plugin Review-A Premier graphic Plug-in for WordPress

Here’s a review of the Roundabout Slider WordPress plug-in  for adding an attractive  image slider on your WordPress site.  Image sliders are an awesome addition to portfolio sites as they allow you to stylishly showcase your featured images within an [...]

Pinterest Plug-in Review- A Premium Plugin to allow PinInterest integration

  We bring you a review of the Pinterest plug-in for WordPress sites enabling you to add a single click “Pin” feature on your site. Pinterest is a popular image sharing network that  is used by millions across the world. [...]

“My Review” Plug-in Review-A Premium Plugin for WordPress Review Sites

Here’s a brief on the “My Review” premium WordPress plug-in for easily building a WordPress review site. My Review Plug-in is a premium plug-in for building review sites to run affiliate campaigns. It comes with 3 included premium themes  and [...]