Artisteer Review- A Powerful and Easy to use Web Template Creator

Artisteer enables you to easily create custom web templates which can be used with a variety of CMS platforms such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal  and many more.  An unique drag and drop interface, easy design options and extensive image editing options in it enables you to create splendid web templates without the need for any knowledge of HTML, stylesheets and image editing software’s such as PhotoShop.

Let’s take a look at its key features:

 1)      Ease of usage: For all of those looking for creating web templates  or custom websites without any technical knowledge of different tools and their integration, Artisteer ensures that you can conceptualize, design and package your template or theme within a jiffy. The simple and easy-to-use interface (GUI) allows even novices to work on it and gives you a unique drag and drop interface where you can add web elements to your template.

2)      Latest Web Standards:All templates and themes with Artisteer confirm to the latest CSS3 and HTML5 standards and work with the latest versions of popular CMS platforms.

3)      Design Element Integration: The software allows you to easily add design elements such as menu systems, forms, widgets, custom backgrounds, images and many more without having to know about their coding or specific integration guidelines. You get a polished template which you have designed in the interface-without any need for separate coding or integration.

4)      Advanced web template functionalities such as cross-browser compatibility and common bottlenecks with graphics can be easily handled by the software without the need for any external updates or code fragments. So you get a template that confirms to the latest norms and works right in all modern browsers.

5)      Design Suggestions: The software has built-in design suggestions for a wide variety of templates which can be used as a starting point of your project. Just choose from many of the Ho across different categories of templates and customize the layout and design as per your specific requirements.

6)      Packaging: Artisteer allows you to easily package your design project as a template or a theme. This allows you to distribute it as a standalone package which can be used on any related web server or CMS platform.

7)      Customization: The GUI gives you a complete control over your layout allowing you to easily customize your individual pages , header, footer etc. You can also customize individual row and cell elements to create a unique webpage as per your specific requirements.

8)      Styling Effects: The software allows you to style your text, choose from a wide set of included fonts, create text effects, border styles, advanced styling effects etc. You can also preview your project within the same interface and can make further changes before saving.

9)      Multimedia effects: You can easily add graphics, lightbox styled  galleries, video clips, forms, buttons, menu systems (Megamenu’s too) and many more.

Support and Documentation: Artsiteer come with extensive documentation, videos and tutorials to help you easily operate the software. You can also find invaluable step-by-step design guides for common queries during your project design.

Pricing: Artisteer comes with the below pricing options

1)      Home and Academic edition :  This supports only the WordPress and blogger CMS platforms and comes with 50+ color and font options and free upgrades for a year. Its priced at $49.95

2)      Standard edition: This supports WordPress, Joomla, Blogger, Drupal and DotNuke CMS platforms and comes with a plugin development SDK, a large library of textures and other graphic elements and 70+ color and font options. It’s priced at $129.95.

You can also download a free trail version and can evaluate the software before making a purchase.

 Click here to purchase the Artisteer

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Artisteer Review- A Powerful and Easy to use Web Template Creator, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating