“My Review” Plug-in Review-A Premium Plugin for WordPress Review Sites

Here’s a brief on the “My Review” premium WordPress plug-in for easily building a WordPress review site.

My Review Plug-in is a premium plug-in for building review sites to run affiliate campaigns. It comes with 3 included premium themes  and can also be used with any other WordPress theme.  The plug-in also allows users to post star ratings and add reviews on any of your article posts. You can also choose to configure the star options for different post categories.

My Review Plug-in

The  plug-in also supports other rating types such as letter grades, percentages, pass or fail, thumbs-up/thumbs-down and  10 point star ratings which can be used as per your specific post requirement. You can also convert all of the mentioned rating types into the default 5-star ratings for analysis. The plug-in also allows you to sort posts by ratings (ascending or descending) as well as by Bayesian weightings.

You can also customize the comment fields by adding text boxes, drop-downs, lists etc. The plug-in also allows you to include the rating and review feature for each post, so that you can disable it for a few pages or for specific posts within a page. You can also add a fancy tool tip to select keywords in your text. The plug-in also allows you to specific micro formats for better search ranking. Its also internationalized and easily transferable.

It also allows you to build comparison tables (horizontal and vertical) and also allows you to customize their design as per your choice. Automatic thumbnail s are generated from your featured images. The plug-in also integrates with Google map plug-in allowing you to include location specific reviews. Handy sidebar widgets allow you to include recent posts or top rated posts for easy user access. You can also customize the  background, graphic alignments, padding, text color  and many more from the theme admin panel.

Pricing: The My Review plug-in is priced at $90 for a single site license and $130 for the  unlimited site license which comes with 3 additional bonus themes. All the pricing options also include lifetime support and upgrades.

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"My Review" Plug-in Review-A Premium Plugin for WordPress Review Sites, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating