Voosh Themes Adana Theme Review

The Adana theme is a stylish WordPress theme which is especially created for freelancer photographers. Those photographers who want to display their talent and offline work details can use this theme efficiently. The theme contains a wide range of page templates which can be configured easily for home page, clean blog design, photo portfolio, and fully functional contact form. The other important features offered by this theme are Google analytics integration, photos preview, drag drop menus, and many more.

Voosh Themes Adana Theme


• Homepage design

The theme allows you to design your website’s homepage in the best possible way. Moreover, the users can change various design attributes using the design controller settings like colour, footer, header, text, background, fonts, and so on.

• Create photo portfolio

You can create a professional looking attractive photo portfolio page which can be used to display the work done by photographers in their past and present.

• Animated photos preview

The animated Photo preview option is also available with this WordPress theme. A slider is included which contains forward, backward, and pause buttons to efficiently slide the animated photos.

• Drop down menus

You will find a very powerful and useful drag and down menu feature present in this theme. With this feature, users will be able to include many options and their visitors will simply have to click on the drop arrow to select their choice. Moreover, no coding skills are required for performing using this feature.

• Contact form

The powerful yet simple contact form widget makes it easy for the visitors to contact the website owners anywhere and any number of times. The users will have complete control over the text message, field labels and they can also add an email address as a parameter.

• Google Analytics integration

Google analytics code can be done with easy input.

• Logo uploading

You can continue with your website’s brand with the logo uploading feature supported with this theme. Now you can store many logos and utilize them whenever you want to.

Voosh Themes Adana Theme

• Compatibility with WordPress version

This professional WordPress theme especially designed for photographers can run on all WordPress versions successfully without the need of making any major changes in the theme.

• Admin panel theme options

This theme supports a powerful admin control panel which will help you in making a perfect website.

• Browser compatibility

The theme is built in such a way so that it can run efficiently on almost all browsers whether Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer, or any other.

• Threaded comments

The theme allows for in-built threaded commenting options thereby creating a better customer conversation platform. The Threaded comments feature will help you connect as well as interact with readers easily. You can also keep a record of who is saying what and to whom.

• Gravatar and widget ready

The widget-ready feature allows users to manage their content the way they like. This content is displayed on the sidebars so you can choose the footer and headers accordingly. Using the Gravatar tool, the images can be automatically uploaded to the blog whenever some visitor writes a comment.

Voosh Themes Adana Theme


The features offered by the theme are sufficient of the photography related websites and blogs. Moreover, the customization and drag drop features make the website simple to navigate and use.


Loading the speed takes time, especially when it contains a large amount of data and images.Moreover, SEO related features are not well supported by the theme.


The theme price is $35.

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