Voosh Themes Akono Theme Review

Akono is a classy, elegant and premium portfolio/business purpose This WordPress theme is best for both the small businesses and individuals who look for online product and service promotion. The theme offers a range of stylish homepage designs, professional page templates, clean blog design, project templates, elegant portfolios, and much more. The additional features included by Akono theme include functional contact form, jQuery image slider, Google analytics integration, logo uploading, to name a few.

Voosh Themes Akono Theme


• Theme files

The theme users will not have to export or upload any theme source file from outside this WordPress theme because all the required files are already included to easy functioning.

• PSD files

The PSD design files which are provided with this theme are organized in a proper manner.

• Theme documentation

Complete user-guide and theme documentation is provided which will help you in installing the theme perfectly as well as utilizing all its features and functions well.

• Free updates and support

The theme features and functions like installation, use, etc. can be studied from the documentation provided with the theme. Moreover, you will get regular and free updates about the theme they buy as well as other themes and features which will be launched. There will be a powerful and supportive customer support available all the time.

• Front page design

This WordPress theme supports different front page designs. These designs can be customized and optimized according to the needs and requirements of your website.

• Create professional portfolio

Design your own professional looking portfolios with this powerful WordPress theme. You can design the portfolio and include options which you want. This feature is very effective and beneficial for those who are designing a website related to photography, artwork, and so on.

Voosh Themes Akono Theme

• Animated Jquery image slider

The theme offers fully functional jQuery Slider which will help you in creating slides for animated images. Moreover, the slider can be customized easily in the option panel without the need of any code. This feature will not only help your website to look attractive but will make it easy for the viewers to understand your services easily.

• Drop down menu

The very helpful drop-down menu option is provided with this theme. The presence of drop down feature makes the theme user friendly because the visitors will not have to type their choice. Instead they will be given many options in the drop down list from where they can choose their item or product.

• Contact form

The contact form widget allows users to connect with their visitors easily. The visitors can ask their questions, queries, etc. using the in-built contact form. Moreover, the users have complete access to its attributes like email address, name, and so on.

• Logo uploading

Maintain your website’s branding by uploading your company or brand’s logo. The logo uploader option provided with this theme allows for including multiple logos which can be stored and used for different purposes.

• Custom sidebar with contact details

To make the contact between the visitors and the website owners easy, the contact form widget was included in this theme. Here, the customers can write their complaints, questions, or feedback any number of times and from anywhere. Moreover, the website creators will have full control over field labels, emails, messages, and so on.

• Google analytics Integration

The Google analytics code can be easily inputted.

• Compatible with WordPress version

This powerful WordPress theme is fully compatible with all WordPress versions and runs efficiently with them.

• Admin panel theme options

A very powerful admin panel is offered by the theme which will simply help the users in customization, etc.

• Browser compatibility

With all major browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer, and so on, this theme is compatible and runs efficiently on them.

• Threaded comments

With the help of this threaded comments feature, the users can easily be connected to their readers as well as can quickly interact with them. Moreover, they can also keep records of their conversation and can set the number of levels for the conversations to take place.

• Gravatar and widget ready

Widgets, being the most important part of WordPress templates help the user to manage content easily and efficiently which is displayed on the sidebar of the page. Apart from this, the widget feature will also help you to manage footer and header portion of your website’s page. The Gravatar feature allows users to include photos and images in the blog comment section.

Voosh Themes Akono Theme


The main advantage of using this WordPress theme is that it is created for a specific purpose only and contains all the features which that particular website requires. A beautiful feature supported by this theme is the jQuery image slider which gives a totally new look and feel to the website.


The main drawback of this theme is that it offers very few search engine optimization features. Because of this drawback, the website gets less promotion. When the amount of images and data is large then the loading speed of the website gets reduced considerably.


The theme price is $35.

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