Voosh Themes Zina Theme Review

Zina is a classic and premium WordPress theme which will best suit business related websites and blogs. This is an ideal theme for those who want their services and products to get promoted to the maximum. Some of its powerful features include own portfolio creation, front page template, blog design, drop down menus, and many other user friendly features.

Voosh Themes Zina Theme


• Theme files

The theme users will not have to export or upload any theme source file from outside this WordPress theme because all the required files are already included to easy functioning.

• PSD files

The PSD design files which are provided with this theme are organized in a proper manner.

• Theme documentation

On purchasing the theme, users will find a helpful user guide and documentation which will detail them step by step on how to use different tools and features provided by the theme.

• Free updates and support

The users will get a detailed documentation guide so that they can use the feature with ease. Moreover, a powerful and immediate customer support portal is also provided with this theme so that users can ask their queries and questions.

• Front page template

You can add new page templates like links, etc. which have new functionalities and allow you to add more functions to your website or blog. The users can use separate page templates for separate pages which is a remarkable feature offered by this theme. The users can also customize these page templates in the way they want. The page templates included with this theme by default are blog, full width, and archives.

• Create professional portfolio

You can design your own professional portfolio and change its various attributes like colour, text, header, footer, image, etc. Moreover, you can display projects, photography, and other design work in this portfolio section.

• Blog design

The theme designing team included the blog feature so that visitors get a chance to come closer to the user. This feature allows users to create their blogs and easily connect with their visitors and customers.

Voosh Themes Zina Theme

• Drop down menu

The very helpful drop-down menu option is provided with this theme. The presence of drop down feature makes the theme user friendly because the visitors will not have to type their choice. Instead they will be given many options in the drop down list from where they can choose their item or product.

• Contact form

The powerful yet simple contact form widget makes it easy for the visitors to contact with the website owners anywhere and any number of times. The users will have complete control over the text message, field labels and they can also add email address as a parameter if they want to.

• Logo uploading

You can continue with your website’s brand with the logo uploading feature supported with this theme. Now you can store many logos and utilize them whenever you want to.

• Google analytics Integration

Don’t miss even a single hit by simple input of the Google Analytics code.

• Compatible with WordPress version

This great WordPress theme is totally compatible with different WordPress versions and so the theme users will not have to install any specific WordPress version to use this theme.

• Admin panel theme options

A very powerful admin panel is offered by the theme which will simply help the users in customization, etc.

• Browser compatibility

The professional website created using this theme will load and run efficiently on all browsers be it the Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, or any other browser.

• Threaded comments

With this feature you connect as well as interact with your visitors and readers easily. You can also keep a record of who is saying what and to whom. The number of levels can be set and accordingly the conversation takes place.

• Gravatar and widget ready

Since widgets are an important part of the WordPress templates hence provision is made so that users can use these widgets in an easy and simple to customize way. Now, managing content will be simple when it comes to displaying it on the sidebar of the page. The widget ready feature is helpful in managing header and footer parts of the website page as well.

Voosh Themes Zina Theme


This professional WordPress theme is very good for making business or corporate purpose websites or blogs. Moreover, the features like admin panel option, Gravatar, Widget ready, and so on make the theme more users friendly as compared to other WordPress themes. The customization feature is easy to use and hence the theme is a boon for both the beginners and the advance level website designers.


This theme doesn’t offer any powerful search engine optimization feature. Moreover, the cost of the theme is also very high as compared to the number of features it offers.


The theme price is $35.

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