Storefront Xyloto Theme Review

Xyloto is a wonderful WordPress theme created by Storefront club which has incredibly dynamic features to suit E-commerce related websites. Some of its special features include music features, different layouts, and so on.

Storefront Xyloto Theme


• Responsive layout

The responsive layout feature allows the theme to be displayed on the mobile phone and other communication devices well. The theme will adjust its display attributes like size, resolution, etc. according to the device’s screen thereby retaining all its features and functions.

• Ajax content loader

The theme functions well with Ajax content loader option. This means that for every click made by the visitors, your website will not have to reload the page. The new content will gracefully form the view.

• In-built Music player

The in-built music player offered by this WordPress theme has the capability to play tracks while the visitors can continue with their browsing process. The users can upload music files for every product along with adding media interface using the drag-drop feature. The users can also upload audio files and images both at the same time.

• Automatic recognition

The theme has an in-built feature to automatically recognize which are mp3 files and which are images and will put them in the right place and order on the product page.

• Theme option panel

The theme option panel can be used for changing the background texture, colours, and fonts of all the areas available on the website. The theme offers a dark coloured music theme known as “Coldplay” and this theme is inspired by a great band. Two other new themes are also offered.

• Logo uploading

Maintain your website’s branding by uploading your company or brand’s logo. The logo uploader option provided with this theme allows for including multiple logos which can be stored and used for different purposes.

• Fancybox effect

The Fancybox effect is for all product galleries, blog thumbnails, and images.

• Product image gallery

Design all the galleries within the theme itself and without the support of any website. You can create a slideshow on your own on the site and enhance traffic because after this, the visitors will never use any other website to enter your website. You can, on your own, set gallery covers, delete unwanted images, and rename images.

• Product page

The product page available with this theme is beautiful as well as unique and comes in different screen sizes.

• Translation ready

The theme can be readily translated into many languages. So users who don’t want to work in English language can translate the theme into their language and use all its features and functionalities.


The easy to customize features help to make the website more suited to the topic. The cost of the theme is very low as compared to the number of features and functionalities it offers.


Your website’s loading speed will become slow at times when it will have many images and data. For some people, the theme price is high as compared to the other competitor themes. Further, the customer support system may take time in replies to your queries and questions.


The theme cost is $59.

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