Storefront Instant Theme Review

The Storefront Instant theme is a WordPress theme which is not only unique but is enriched with numerous features and functionalities. Using the theme will definitely help you make the perfect website for your business or other works.

Storefront Instant Theme


• Homepage design and access

The theme is created in such a way so that all its features and functionalities can be directly accessed from the homepage.

• Product carousel

For each category, there is a product carousel available so that the website visitors can easily and quickly see all the features clustered in one page only. As the exposure increases for every product, the sales and conversions are definitely going to increase.

• Product and checkout pages

The checkout pages and the default product page look gorgeous. You also get to change the logo, colour, background, and other image attributes.

• Theme options panel

A very powerful and flexible theme option panel is included with this theme which will help you change many features according to your website’s needs and requirements. You can also select the number of images which you want to display at one time in every product carousel as well as specify their sizes also.

• Image resizing

Images which are uploaded can be automatically re-sized to three different sizes. All the three images will be accessible from the media library of WordPress which will make their management easy and quick.

• Blog option

The blog option allows users to convert their page into a blog page and hence allows their visitors to communicate with them in a more convenient way.

• SEO support

The theme is search engine optimized which means that it supports many SEO related features which will help in your website promotion as well as in getting more web traffic and consequently higher search engine ranking.

• Google analytics support

Now you will be able to easily input Google Analytics code with a single button hit.

• Menu navigation

The wodpress 3.0 version allows for easy menu feature which can be navigated in a much simpler way.

• E-commerce plugin

The theme supports tight integration with WordPress E-commerce plugin.

• Grid view

The grid view display option is available for styling Gold cart.

• Product image galleries

Create beautiful and amazing looking galleries inside your website and without the support of any other website. Simply design the slideshow of your own on the website and attract web traffic by not letting your visitors visit any other website for viewing your images.

• Live search

The live search feature is also included with this theme.

Storefront Instant Theme


The theme support and documentation is very helpful while working with customization and other theme features. Moreover, the cost of this theme is also very reasonable as a result of which even the common businessmen can afford it. Its powerful features enhance its usability area and functionality as well.


For some people, the features provided with this theme are not sufficient. The customer support is very poor at times.


The theme cost is $59.

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