ThemeShift deFacto Theme Review

deFacto is a feature rich WordPress theme for news magazines which offers features like post layout, page templates, custom widgets, and much more. This theme is designed in such a way so that those who have no idea of coding can also work with it easily.

ThemeShift deFacto Theme


• Custom widgets

This theme offers a very important and highly useful set of custom widgets which are easy to manage because they are based on drag and drop feature. You can easily customize the content and make your website suit your purpose of designing it.

  • Widget Areas

Some of the widget areas included are homepage, home top, home bottom, home sidebar, sidebar general, sidebar category, sidebar pages, sidebar posts, sidebar videos, and footer.

  • Category teaser

This tool is useful in altering homepage content according to your website’s needs and requirements. These include number of posts, teaser headlines, title, category, title layout, general layout, post Meta, number of words in the Excerpt, number of teaser headlines, and so on

  • Video teaser

This tool attracts most recent videos from all the existing videos or by entering video tag which the users create. They can also include widget to the sidebar, main content area, and also the footer. The video Teaser settings include title link, title, video tag, video title, number of videos, and so on. With the category teaser you are allowed features like sports, don’t miss, politics, breaking news, economy, highlight, and lifestyles.

ThemeShift deFacto Theme

  • Featured box widget: this feature is an advanced text widgets feature which allows users the flexibility and easiness to add important features like custom text, images, paragraphs, to their website.
  • Recent article widget: this widget will help you display latest articles on you page with features like article title, category, and date on which it was listed.

• Page layouts

The special layout settings will help you to change the layout of the content in any way you like. The post, video and page screen provide special layout settings which can be customized accordingly. Hence, you can make your website look redesigned and impressive. The users can either choose the default layout like large featured image, right sidebar, etc. with combinations like:

  • Page layout: left sidebar, right sidebar, and full width or no sidebar.
  • Featured image size: this includes small, medium, and large.
  • Featured image align: this includes aligning in left or right.

• Video post type

Now, the users will be able to manage their videos and posts separately and include them in different widget areas as well. The deFacto theme uses handy and simple functions which are supported by WordPress. Using the oEmbed, it becomes easy to embed videos in the website by simply posting the URL of that video in the video page.

ThemeShift deFacto Theme

• Custom header image

The users can upload their own images for customizing the header of their website. They can change the header image (default) which is offered by customized header logo or image.

• Custom Background image

The look and feel of the website can be enhanced using the easy to modify page background image option. You can change its various attributes according to the purpose of your web project. For this, you don’t require the lengthy process, instead you need a few mouse clicks and it will be done.

• Page templates

The deFacto theme offers a useful bundle of custom page templates and some of them are given below.

  • Blog (latest post): this page template offers handy page creation with most recent post and you can also add category or other things.
  • Favourite page template: the favourite page is a handy feature supported by deFacto theme. A link is created and it is added to the favourite page where you want it to be visible.
  • Headlines page template: with the headlines page template, the users can display headlines of latest articles to the website. For the headline’s better overview, you can set the order by month option. In most of the news magazines website, this feature is used.
  • Latest videos page template: Since this theme offers custom post type feature for video posts, the latest page template feature is offered which will beautifully display the most recent videos on the website. Moreover, video tag can also be created and archive can be added which will allow you not to display all videos.
  • Subpages: the static page content can be displayed in a nice and clear way by the page template feature supported by this theme. The feature will list all the available child pages of the current page. For this, you will have to create one parent page and show teasers of child pages after page count.

• Localization

The theme can be translated into different languages like Spanish, German, Portuguese, and many other languages so that non-English users can also use the theme for designing their website beautifully.


The theme is filled with rich features having great functionalities. The jQuery features makes the website look more lively and attractive.


The loading speed of the website may get affected when it contains lots of images or data. Some customization features are not very easy to perform and they may require some extra coding skills. This drawback decreases the theme’s usability among the beginners or no coding skills professionals, for example purely designers. The theme also lacks the basic search engine optimization features.


For Single Theme Package the cost is €39.
For Basic Theme Package the cost is €59.

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