ThemeShift Decorum Theme Review

ThemeShift Decorum Theme


• Custom post types

So that users can manage their properties in a much convenient way, the deCorum allows for custom post types. Now the real estate object can be separated easily from the static pages and posts conveniently.

  • List properties: with the property list, users will get a tidy overview of their existing current real estate entries. If there are many objects, taxonomy filter for property type, property category, location, and features, then the theme provides ease of handling them.
  • Edit properties: complete property details can be added to the post edit screen. Moreover, you can also display Google maps which will be specifying the region or the exact address. You can arrange objects in the tag-like taxonomies like property type, location, and features. Additional property categories can also be added along with images with the help of featured image option or media uploader to include slider galleries and image galleries.

• Newsletter widget

This feature allows you to customize the widgets.

• Advanced search

This theme offers custom properties search widget which can be used for filtering real estate objects. The advanced search feature offered by the theme can be placed anywhere on the homepage in separate sidebars or the footer. The theme option page allows you to enable a form on the property archive pages. The website visitors will only have to input the keywords, and hit the search button.

• Post/property elements

With the theme option, users will be able to decide on which elements they want should appear on front-end like property size, property ID, post date, etc.

• Widgets area

The widget areas are the sidebars and the property content sections. The users will simply have to drag and drop their preferred widgets to the particular areas.

• Styling options

Changing background images, link colours, logos, and button is very simple with deCorum theme. In the styling option section, you can customize all options to perfectly match the corporate image.

• Archive layouts

In the theme settings page, the users can decide which archive pages or property pages they want to display and in which layout pattern that is with sidebars or without sidebars.

• Widget area home

The widgets will help to control the complete home page. You can drag and drop the preferred widgets to home area. Useful custom widgets will allow you to create beautiful design elements within seconds. Teaser their latest posts, properties, or call to action.

• Widget area sidebar

The sidebar is a nested widget area. This means that you will be able to display different types of widgets on the property pages like rentals, sales, or property archive pages, single post pages, category pages, and static pages. The users can also create general sidebars which will be displayed always when there are no child sidebars.

• Widget area footer

You will get complete control over the widget area footer space. The footer widget will be same on all the pages and throughout your website.

• Jquery image slider

The jquery image slider comes in two layout options and they are 2/3 width layout and full width layout with sidebar.

• Single property slider

To the individual property page, you get the option to include slider gallery by just uploading images using the WordPress media uploader on the property edit screen and then adding the custom field.

• Homepage slider

Controlling the homepage slider is done through the theme settings page. You can choose to display the normal size slider only or the full width slider with text. The content of the slider can be latest properties for rent, sale, or custom category, post categories or latest posts, static slides, or anything else.

• Blog page

For displaying recent post entries on the website, you just need to create empty page and then apply blog page template.

• Contact page

The theme allows you to create contact page in your website by just following few simple steps.

• Favourites page

Creating favourite page is also very easy with this theme.

• Full width

The full width page template can be used for hiding the sidebar from all or any page.

• Properties map

The visitors will be able to search properties using the browsing map.

ThemeShift Decorum Theme

• Latest properties

Create an empty page to display latest properties for sale, all or rent.

• Subpages

The subpage template will list existing sub pages automatically below the parent-page content.

• Subpages(full width)

For listing the sub-page of the parent page in full-width layout without including sidebar, you can use this feature.

• Short codes

You are offered a bunch of shortcodes which will help you create buttons of different sizes, colour, and icons, info boxes, horizontal rules, and icon links.

• Theme options

Using the various theme options, you will be able to design your options page within minutes. All this can be achieved without the need to touch the code.

• More hooks

WordPress actions and filters for the back-end and front-end of the theme.

• Localization

Easily change the language of the theme and work with it.

ThemeShift Decorum Theme


The powerful and easy to customize features offered by this theme makes it one of the best themes. The jquery slider feature gives a totally new look and feel to the website.


The loading speed is not very high. SEO related features are missing which affects website promotion and web traffic.


For Single Theme Package the cost is €39.
For Basic Theme Package the cost is €59.

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