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Spyder Mate is a genus of a software, which enables you to make your website good in ranking as well as provides better ways of promoting it. This software manages your web portal in such a way that it attracts more and more traffic to the site and that’s what makes it more efficient in ranking among other available competitive web portals of similar means. It is a well known and prominent brand of its kind in the rest of the market. This is a complete suite of necessary tools required for detecting and allotting a score to its SEO contents, so as to let you know the exact status of web portal on internet and among the users as well. Spyder Mate has many unique features with more than 30,000 SEO foot views, which substantiates the quality of its content convincing the visitors of your website’s importance. This software assists your website to place at the top of the Google search hits by improving your SEO and this is because Spyder Mate has been introduced so that it can give a thrust to your online existence.


Official Website:

For getting sample of knowledge about Spyder Mate, www.spydermate.com has been formed by graceful web developers. You can make any of your queries by going through this website. If the owner of website wants to get tools for improvement of its website on any of the search engines like, Google, yahoo, Bing and lot more, then Spyder Mate is the optimum tool to perform such a task. It provides so much of adequate plans that match your finances as well as with your requirements completely. This Spyder Mate software enhances you to detect your web-portal ranking on the specific search engine. It very much economical in nature and does not requires a lot of expenditure to avail its services.

People Associated With It (Inventors And The Company Who Made It)

This Spyder Mate software has been developed under the team of expertise, totally dedicated to empower others by the technological means. All of these belong to Mentor Mate based at United States. The team of mentor mate is dedicated to enhance their clients or company’s performance by SEO tools. Ethical norms are very high class under which this firm performs its tasks. They have a huge database of their research by which an exclusive class of products are possible under the guidance of this firm. They have experts of every field like software, design, graphics, sounds, programming and lots of others as well. Due to this a perfect blend like Spyder Mate comes in existence and serves with the best of its services in its class.


Many of the companies are using this software for improving their ranking and presence on famous search engines like Google. Spyder Mate is so convenient and easy to use that even a novice can easily operate and use it in a way to improve its ranking and grabbing attention of net surfers towards their website. This SEO tool provides a fine view on your competitors move and is able to generate quick reports regarding SEO advancement. It is the most advanced software for SEO initiation in its class and has numerous features like analyzing your website on the basis of marks, suitable suggestions for phrases used and many others.


This software is sufficient enough to analyze SEO of your website and because of this feature; it is very much near to impossible that you can figure out any of the limitations of this product regarding analysis of SEO.

As like other tools, Spyder Mate does not have any specific criteria or limitation on the number of keywords one can search with it. They provide three packages under which five to five thousand keywords tracking facility is there according to the package chosen by you. This software is meant to serve their clients with all of the required aspects regarding improving their web ranking and visitors to their sites under the same portable with reliance on them.


Spyder Mate has a vast range of vibrant features associated with it. As you visit the official site, you can notice the Spyder Mate name followed by ‘suite’ which represents that this software is a complete solution for SEO analysis.

Spyder Mate has a feature of scorecard which dictates or elaborates your website review in respect to its presence of various search engines by giving it a score. The higher the score is, the higher the website ranking will be considered. Along with detecting ranking positions on search engines, this software also notifies weakness related to site-wide and providing comparison chart of your website SEO scores in contrast to others. It also monitors domain-wide changes of SEO stats time-to-time. It processes the SEO analysis on all the opponents, so that it can analyze their performance in comparison to yours.

This innovative Spyder Mate software holds another tool called auditor, which uses to identify the issues on severity basis and knows very well that how to fix the identified issues regarding SEO. It dives into the deeper edge of research and takes care for the minute details and lets you have the expected results as you want. This keeps watching for the arising issues regarding SEO at your site and will notify you and rectify as well by itself at earlier stage.

Spyder Mate is also known as SERP tracker due to one of its tools of similar name. SERP tracker enables you to track ranking according to search engines for keywords at Google and Bing. This software also tracks your competitors ranking regarding similar keywords. It also refreshes the ranking instantly of a provided keyword.

SpyderMate Tracker

As this Spyder Mate promises to serve all under the same portal, this software holds a significant tool ‘low-hanging fruit’, which identifies the opportunity of keywords and evaluates most potential keywords. It analyzes the process of targeting keywords along with on-page SEO study.
SEMRush is one more tool in Spyder Mate suite which enables you to determine numerous keywords for what a domain ranks for in Google search engine. It also estimates the average cost of clicking per word as well as the search volume of keywords. Along with all these, it also looks and specifies the most reasonable and effective keywords to draw traffic with your website.

With its iPhone scorecard tool, it monitors the changes in domain-wide figures and makes sure of being ready for unexpected sales opportunities for any moment of time. This allows their clients to track down the campaign progress conveniently.

How It Works:

Any new user can work with ease on Spyder Mate. By just a simple click on “Start Free Trial” which is located on the homepage of Spyder Mate. When proceeding further, there will be a requirement of a username, email ID as well as password on the next web page. There is a complete form where the user has to fill his or her details for registration. Fields that are included on this registration form are first name, last name, title, phone number and company name. After this process is completed, an activation code is mailed at the user’s email account. Users can sign in and get uninterrupted access of Spyder Mate within seconds.


For purchasing Spyder Mate, the webmaster has to spend a very reasonable amount. It comes in three packages that are easily available online. The first is the Basic Package for which the webmaster has to spend $19 for a single month, the second package is Pro which is available at $49 for a single month. Then there comes the Agency package which will cost $149 for a single month usage. Pro package is available for free trial also. Webmasters can sign up on Spydermate.com and get easy access.


It is really hard for the Spyder Mate competitors to over shadow it. Yerba mate is a close competitor of Spyder Mate. The presence of advanced features as well as the use of latest technology has made Spyder Mate achieve high positions. It is a recommendable software for business professionals. If in any case comparative analysis is carried out between Spyder Mate & Yerba Mate then webmaster learns very quickly about the benefits that are associated with Spyder Mate within few seconds. There is a wide range of tools with innovative options that anyone can choose from. For dealing in online marketing or advertisements, Spyder Mate is an excellent option for all.

How Is It Different From The Competitors?

After working with Spyder Mate, webmasters can clearly know about its benefits and advantages. It gives a completely different dimension to the online business. Features such as Auditor, SERP Tracker as well as Scorecard are unique. It is very helpful in keyword research and SEO analysis too. Webmaster business can progress too unexpectedly as there are great sales resulting from this software.


Reaching high positions and beating tough competitors with ease is desired by all. Thus focusing on such requirements of webmasters, the developer of Spyder Mate has included all relevant features in this software. With the experience and reviews of the Spyder Mate users, it can be rightly said that there expectation have been fulfilled and they have reached the desired results in a very short duration.

By monitoring changes that occur in the domain and increasing cost for per click, Spyder Mate has become the first preference of web professionals.


Easy in operation, Spyder Mate works with efficiency and for the user it has been a worthy purchase. For professionals who are engaged in online marketing, advertising, promotion, SME business have always preferred to use Spyder Mate to solve their own purposes. It has enhanced all the aspects for a growing business.

Return On Investment When Buying This:

If someone has spent on Spyder Mate then he or she is not disappointed after using it. Web developers have designed this software for giving the best results. Investment made on it is always significant. An investor gets more than what he has spent. Increasing sources of earning, Spyder Mate is in great demand at this present scenario.


Spyder Mate is committed to serve you the best in class of services through its SEO tools suite. Hence, they do not promote them in cheap aspects of delivering their services on discounted rates because they are very much capable of serving you the best of the services already at very much lower rates. So it will not lie on any discount packages.

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