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The Name says it all, IBP is a popular SEO software

IBP-iBusiness Promoter is an indispensible piece of software for online business owners to obtain high ranks in the top most search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN search etc. The internet marketing has become competitive and there is a mad rush to obtain high ranks in the search engines to get more visitors. Thanks to the IBP-iBusiness Promoter, using this software you can increase the ranking of your website up to ten slots in the search engines. Indeed, it is an ideal tool for getting more traffic and to convert visitors into potential buyers. For success in SEO business, IBP-iBusiness provider is a must buy. Enhance your online presence and reap huge profits by using i-Business Promoter.

iBusiness Promoter

Official Website:

High Ranking and steady flow of traffic would not be a far-fetched dream if you log on to www.ibusinesspromoter.com, the official website of iBusiness Promoter and download the software from there. IBusiness Promoter from IBP is indeed a complete solution to become visible within the top ranks in the sought after search engines and for providing this service par excellence, the company has been bestowed with awards.

People Associated with It:

Founded in 1997, iBusiness Promoter or IBP is headquartered in Germany at Staudt by Axandra. Axandra is a well-known software developing corporation. Thousands of online business entrepreneurs and web optimizers avail the service of Axandra. Johannes Selbach Andras Vogt, CEO of Axandra is committed to provide complete optimization services to SEO business owners. The software products of Axandra are sold by various affiliates of the firm all across the world.

iBusiness Promoter Review

Multi-pronged benefits of iBusiness promoter have made it a wonderful and a must buy tool for the website owners. Enumerated below are some of the cutting edge

Advantages of iBusiness Promoter:

Excellent Link Building Capability: The software is a powerful and an efficient link building and managing tool. The software offers several features like analysis of link customization of reports, verifying active link etc. Creating and getting them exchanged is the best way to get high ranks in the search engines. Also, you get the best quality links so as to drive more visitors to your website.

Get Optimized Keywords: With this software package, you can optimize your keywords. Not only this, you will also get to know the right keyword density in the content and titles, how to place them in the content. This will let you keep tabs on the data so that you can optimize it further. With the help of internet business promoter, you get quality keywords so that you get high rankings without wasting your time.

Keep Track on the Traffic Driven: Keeping track on several key issues like traffic driven to your website, impact of your keywords, progress of your competitors, there are several things which you can keep track of, with the help of internet business provider.

Social Bookmark Submission: This is an autonomous feature of IBP. Users of this site can select social bookmarks category for his website and then have to select bookmarking sites to submit his website to these bookmarking sites.

Analysis of Competitor Keywords and Website: With the help of Ibusiness promoter you can keep track over several vital issues like analysis of competitor website, keywords, reports for ranking of the website etc.

Cons:There is plethora of advantages of using Ibusiness provider which has enhanced its popularity by leaps and bounds and helped internet marketers. However, as there is flip side of everything so iBusiness promoter also has a couple of disadvantages. The software fares badly in the submission tools and tips.

One of the complaints of iBusiness Promoter is regarding its submission tool which aids in submission of directories and here one can also search for exchange of links. Some of the customers of iBusiness promoter are dissatisfied with the lack of technical support.

Features: Owing to its several useful features, iBusiness promoter has won several awards and accolades. Given here are some of the top most features:

• Optimization of web pages

• Link management and exchange

• Submission of website to top search engines

• Research of keywords and their analysis

• Offers report of website performance

• Free trial version and money reimbursement guarantee

• Easy to use

• Reliable, fast and efficient.

iBusiness Promoter Review

How it Works:

High ranking in the top most search engines would not be a daunting task anymore. IBP helps you to achieve success in online marketing business. The software has a high success rate and gives you constant flow of traffic or money back guarantee. When you choose your keywords for which you need high ranks and the search engine where you want your website to be listed, you let it know IBP which in turn makes close analyzation of web page by calculating rank score based on links to the website. High ranking score means that the website would get listed on the first page of the top search engine that you have selected.

If your website does not score much, IBP will let you know about the changes that you need to do in your website. Making use of top ten optimizer of IBP, you can make the requisite alterations to your website to avail IBP for obtaining high rank.


The amount that you have to pay for this software product is not much looking at the profit that can be churned out by using it. For the whole software package, US$ 499.95 has to be shelled out. In case, if the users are not satisfied, there is a ten day money back guarantee. Product updates are free for one year when you purchase the software product.

There are two types of packages which you can avail as per your usage. They are Ibusiness regular and Ibusiness promoter business. Ibusinesspromoter business can customize your reviews and can work for multiple websites. The cost of this package is $449.95 whereas Ibusinesspromoter regular costs $249.95.


No doubts, Internet Business Promoter is one of the most sought after SEO tools but there are several others in the fray from which it faces tough competition with. Web CEO, Advanced web ranking, SEO power suite are some of the competitors of IBP. Out of the other software products, IBP has several unique features which can make it stay ahead of others in the market.

How is it different from its Competitors?

Web CEO is the main competitor of IBP. These two are the leading SEO software products in the market. Both of them help you to achieve high ranks in the top most search engines. However, there are certain features which make IBP different from Web CEO. Using IBP keyword research feature, users can find the most searched keywords and information about those keywords while Web CEO allows you to see the variations in the keywords and come up with the suggestions. Also, IBP has extensive report function much more than Web CEO. Here, users can customize and save their reports in the format they like.

iBusiness Promoter Review


IBP is a fast, reliable and powerful SEO software that has benefited millions of entrepreneurs. Using this powerful and efficient software, you can check as many numbers of URLs and keywords as you want. It is known to give you the accurate results. It helps the users in keeping track of their website ranking and the ranking of their competitors too. There are plenty of people who have bean satisfactorily using it to give boost to their rank. Using IBP, they can check five hundred results for the keyword. Apart from this, you can optimize your keywords and get to know how to place them to get the desired result.

Conclusion (Whether it is Worth Buying or Not)

Out of several other SEO software available in the market, IBP is the most commonly used software for online businessmen as it is a complete solution to obtain high ranks in the top most search engines. There are several benefits of IBP that make it a market leader. Users can track rankings of their websites, can build ranking reports, customize them, personalize them. They have the option of scheduling and automating rankings. Not only on their website ranking, but the ranking of the competitors can also be checked with IBP. IBP is a powerful tool for managing and building backlinks. All these ultra useful features make it worth the value of money you spent as you are ensured of getting top ten rankings in Google.

Return of Investment on Buying this:

Once you buy IBP, you are ascertain to get the best value of your investment as it would give a boost to your internet marketing business and start reaping profits by obtaining high ranks in the search engines and getting constant flow of traffic. Apart from that, there are several unique features that make it a market leader. Keeping constant tabs on the ranking of your websites and that of your competitors is possible with IBP. Also, it has extensive reporting features which let you personalize and customize your reports. Optimization of keywords and web pages etc all the features go a long way to enhance your online business.

Coupons or Discounts if any:

There are several websites on which promotional coupons and iBusinessPromoter Discount Cuoupons  of IBP float. To avail discounts up to 50 per cent on this fantastic software product, you can get hold of either discount coupons or coupon codes and can redeem them to cut down on your expenses.

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