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According to a verdict of internet marketers, XSitePro was their first choice when it came to the creation of websites in the world. XSitePro is a quite popular software used for creation of websites which allows the users to build a complete website without knowledge of HTML and other web technologies. Even if the client has the basic knowledge of computers and is able to work with basic applications then it would be a cake walk to master XSitePro. If you have a software like XSitePro then there is no need to hire the services of a web designer. It is a complete do- it -yourself software where there is no need of any help. One can very easily design templates for their website. There is no need of taking help from anyone and can be started from scratch on your own. The biggest benefit of the software is the speed by which one can operate and put everything together in an attractive manner and build a site that is search engine friendly and effective too. One can easily make their way by working on the software with smooth assistance of the software’s simple user interface. One need not master any kind of technical concepts. One can just start adding up their page by selecting a template.


Official Website:
Prospective buyers can garner more information about this wonderful software on the company’s official website i.e. www.xsitepro.com. On the website one can find all kinds of details of the software along with FAQ’s ,tutorials and its demo. The information available on the website can solve all the queries of the users whether they are beginners, website designers, educational users, business owners, ad sense site builders, information marketers, affiliate marketers, power users, etc. XSitePro is website design software that is stand alone and can conveniently run on your computer.

People Associated with It (Inventors and the Company Who Made It):

XSitePro is the software designed by Paul Smithson. He created the easiest software to be used by the web design tools available and was created keeping in mind, the needs of internet marketers. One of the biggest reasons behind creation of this software is weakness. After conducting a thorough research, Paul realized that the other web designing tools available are quite limited and are unable to render help to the internet marketers when they wish to create a website that is SEO friendly and has the potential for many conversions. After using other softwares, one would realize that a lot of time is required initially for creating a page if you are a beginner and have no knowledge of the current technologies. This was the basic aim for which the software was created. XSitePro is the software that has mind blowing features and can be also used by a beginner with ease.


XSitePro is a simple straight forward software with no complications whatsoever. Even a beginner with no knowledge can start designing their website page with panache and ease in less time. With XSitePro what you see is what you get. One can find several website designing softwares in the market but none of them has as many site creation and built-in web marketing tools as XSitePro. Some of the advantages that come along with XSitePro are site map generator, pop-up generator, links page generator, search engine analysis of the web pages, privacy statement generator, article page generator, pop up generator, breadcrumb trail generator, redirection of web pages, importing pages from other websites, exporting of web pages from other website designing applications, Google site map generator, insertion of Google Ad sense, insertion of affiliate program links, script wizard for insertion of Date, printing page, scrolling status bar, adding to favorites and many more. One can design their websites quite quickly with the help of available website design templates. The users can start everything from a scratch and just by selecting a template that is designed for affiliate site or sales. The best part of the software is the speed at which one can put together a site that is attractive and effective. It is easy to go about the software as it has easy and friendly user interface unlike other softwares available in the market.


Like everything there are some small shortcomings in this software too. If you have sound knowledge about the HTML coding, then one can experience minor problems with XSitePro as the users would think that the code designed by them is in the wrong place. Although one has a source tab that lets them edit the HTML coding but it is limited. When the user is using the automated web designing software then these are the limitations experienced most of the time but most of the time this isn’t a problem. But this is a small weakness that can be overlooked as there are so many more benefits that one can derive out of this software.

XSitePro is a software that is extremely easy to use and thus delivers extraordinary power and helps you in exercising full control over the website. There are several features that influence the customers to buy XSitePro. XSitePro is designed to deliver scalability and stability to the users with the help of intuitive designer controls. The interface of the software is thoroughly thought of. The latest version provides the users with a complete new look. One can create unlimited websites with the help of the software that makes it easier to maintain and organize it. The software provides intuitive and project based designs that help in maintaining the website well. The software can spoil the customers for choices. One can select from the hundreds of templates that are designed professionally for creating sites that are fast and great looking too. Your website would be ready to compete against the websites developed by the finest graphic designers.

With the help of global site design control, the users can make changes to all the websites at once and apply instantly. That panel designer windows are updated periodically and are completely easy to understand providing more control to the users. The automated navigation menu controls make the site navigation an easy task and comes with category headings and sub-pages. This is made possible by interlinking of pages and also helps in getting the website a better ranking in the web page.

How It Works:

XSitePro is designed in a way that it can run on any PC that is windows based with Windows 2000, XP or Vista. It is a cake walk to add new content with the features available in this software. One has the option of adding web pages or elements within the WebPages. The whole process just takes few minutes with the help of amazing tools present in XSitePro. One can add pages in many ways like using the tool of quick pages, importing pages, splitting pages with the help of feature known as auto page break, add individual pages, creating many pages at a time with multi-page creation tool. After adding pages to the website one can add various content to the page like text, audio, video, RSS feeds, images, XML links, tables, forms, search tools, ad sense, advertisements from Amazon products, scripts, PayPal buttons with the help of many options that are available in the designer window and from the right click menu. XSitePro equips the user for creating unlimited kinds of page style and layout. The users have full control over the designing and structuring of the web pages.


The software XSite pro is equipped to deliver what it promises. Along with amazing features, the company also offers great customer support at an extremely low price as compared to the other top end website developing tools. Buying XSite Pro is a real bargain. It is available to the customers at a price as low as $197. The single user’s license price has been slashed from $297. The latest XSitePro version 2.5 is available for downloading electronically. Just after five minutes of placing the order one would receive the link for downloading along with the registration code.

There are many competitors present in the market today that provide website designing solutions. Some of the so called competition for XSitePro includes web easy professional, web studio, Yolo silver, web plus, web page maker, site spinner, Ezypage, Thunder Site deluxe, intuit website creator and many more.

How is it Different from the Competitors?
The market is flooded with softwares that provide website designing. But as such, none of them is able to give competition to XSitePro. Whenever the users want to buy a website designing tool the basic factors that they want are a host of interesting features, innovative templates, amazing graphic imaging tools, ease of use and around the clock excellent and friendly customer support. XSitePro offers all these features to their customers at an amazing price and hence is the winner.

People are amazed after observing the amazing results offered by the XSitePro web designing software. This application is considerably a lot more developed if compared to the existing other software. The excellent features help in saving time and money on the client’s part. The software is exactly the correct tool for designing your website. The software is perfect to be used by beginners as well as the professionals. The software is very easy to use and contains powerful tools for easy website development.

Conclusion (Whether it is Worth Buying or Not)
This software is surely a must buy. The amazing features that customers can use by accessing this software are just great. The biggest advantage being the unbelievable low cost that the wonderful software is available in the market for use. People from all walks of life are very much interested in using the software and derive maximum benefit out of it. The intelligent technology that the software is made of helps people to save their money and effort and time. The software helps users in generating several websites and increasing the existing ranking of their site. It is indeed the one stop solution for all your needs regarding website creation and at the same time is SEO friendly too. The software helps more and more number of people in selling increased number of products and generating substantial profit.

Return of Investment when Buying this:
The users of the XSitePro software will surely generate huge profit with the quantity of money time and effort that they would save. The software has required tools to insert links, texts, images, keywords and tags. It also offers excellent multimedia support with amazing ecommerce capabilities and updated features like the HTML editor, dictionary, publishing progress window, website cleanup tools, multi-page creation wizard, task bar scheduler, clipart library, audio-video wizard, e-mail clocker, banner rotator, RSS feed wizard, countdown timer, excellent back up and many more.

XsitePro Coupons or Discounts (if any):
The software is available for an extremely low amount particularly keeping in mind the several advantages it provides to its users. XSitePro web page designing software is available for $197 under a special scheme. This offer is a limited to a certain time period only and should be quickly taken advantage of before the last date gets over. The software is otherwise available for $297.The users are also offered thirty day money back guarantee when they purchase the product.

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