Thesis Theme Review

Thesis Theme: A powerful and SEO Optimized Theme

Thesis theme is one of the most commonly used themes by WordPress users. It is a sought after SEO optimized theme used by internet marketers. Bloggers, online businessmen, webmasters etc find it very useful. Thesis theme is meant for modifying the core codes of WordPress and doing away with the unwanted elements. It is the best framework for WordPress.
Thesis Theme

Official Website:

To avail the excellent Thesis theme for making your website impressive, you can log on to the official website: and can download it from there. There are several bloggers, webmasters and internet marketing professionals who are making successful use of thesis themes to promote their business and enhancing their profits. It can be used both by a novice blogger as well as professional experts. Logging in to the official website of WordPress can give you free updates and 30 days money back guarantee.

People Associated with It:

Thesis themes aim at providing requisite tools to build, customize and optimize the websites. Not only this, there is a huge support staff to assist you. The staff of thesis themes is run by a software support expert, Shelly. Shelly along with her team is committed to provide excellent service and professional support.

There are several advantages of Thesis themes which make it a software par excellence. Given here are some of the benefits of thesis themes:

Fully optimized for Search Engine Operations:

Thesis themes have a cutting edge advantage over other themes as they are highly optimized for obtaining better search engine ranks. Without taking pains of installing plugins or optimizing the design of blogs and websites, you can use the themes.

Appearance Of Websites & Blogs Is Easy To Change:

Beginners or new bloggers can change the appearance of website and blogs. Making use of Thesis themes, you can add CSS codes which will let you make the desirable changes in your blogs and websites. Changing the appearance of blogs or websites can be done in a single click. You can easily change everything including header image, background color or anything. You can customize your website as per your plans.

Free updates & support for life:

Every month a newer version of Thesis themes keeps on coming up with newer features that can be availed by the beginners as well as professional SEO experts s they have free updates and support for life. Other benefits of thesis themes include:

• Insertion of RSS feed link.
• Thumbnails and teaser images to the posts can be added
• Other profitable additions can help you earn more money online.


Thesis Theme Review


There are several advantages of this software. However, it is also not perfect and has some drawbacks. Indeed, this software is the best thing to begin online business but it has some drawbacks which the customers should be well aware of before they download it.

• If you want to make profits using this software, you should have some knowledge about CSS.
• This theme costs you more than the other ordinary WordPress theme. The theme costs you 87 dollars. But, the overwhelming advantages of thesis themes match its cost. Going for other cheap and ordinary themes is not even half as beneficial as Thesis themes.


Thesis Theme Review


• Thesis theme is the most powerful tool for the customization of blogs and websites
• Its HTML+CSS+PHP framework is very effective.
• Its controls can modify web and blog pages.
• Future proof customization features.
• Pinpoint font controls.
• Easy to use and configure.
• Great flexibility in designs
• Can be loaded quickly.
• Intelligent code and innovative optional panel

How it works:

Thesis theme is a premium framework for WordPress. When you download it from the official website of thesis themes you can avail its beneficial features. To start customizing it, you have to either use CSS or PHP custom functions. If you do not have coders then too it would not be a problem as there are these option panels that can command your website with perfect ease. With thesis themes you have full control over your blogs and website. Its future-proof customization feature allows you to customize your website without code.


Thesis themes are costlier than other ordinary themes but the price is worth the advantages that you get from it. Thesis themes personal package allows you to use thesis themes on one localized server or website which costs $87 whereas the developer option that allows the usage on unlimited websites costs $164. Also, if you want it for client work you have to pay extra 40 dollars for each of the client website. Both the personal as well as developer package gives you the option of having life-time access to do-it-yourself themes and free updates. Buying this software from the official website of the company gives you the benefit of reimbursement of money in 30 days.

Thesis Theme Review


There are two main WP frameworks in the market: Thesis themes by DIY themes and Genesis by Studio-Press. There is another framework which has joined the fray recently by offering user friendly interface to the starters but it has still a long way to go. Also, there are some of the WP frameworks which would come up in the future. But, right now there is one main competitor of thesis themes and that is Genesis by Studio-Press.

How is it different from Competitors?

There are only two sought after WP frameworks, known as genesis themes and thesis themes. Loading speed of thesis themes is far better than the genesis. Thesis themes are faster and therefore very helpful in having internet connectivity problems. Thesis themes cost more than genesis but they are worth their price.


Thesis theme is one of the most powerful SEO tools. It’s easy to use controls can modify and customize the web pages. Moreover, its efficient HTML+CSS+PHP framework makes it a must buy software for internet marketers. The best quality templates of Thesis themes make web pages and blog pages extremely impressive. Through its thesis option panels, you can have perfect command over your site. It has beginners’ friendly interface and owing to the multi-pronged benefits of Thesis themes, the software has become much popular among all the website owners and SEO experts. Once you purchase thesis themes, you are sure to get the optimum value of your investment.

Conclusion (Whether it is Worth Buying or Not):

Indeed, there are only two WP frameworks in the market, Genesis themes and Thesis themes. The premium quality templates of thesis themes are a must buy for internet marketers. To enhance the visual appeal of your blog or web page, thesis themes is an indispensable tool. Bloggers, programmers, web developers all are finding this software very beneficial. It allows you to customize your web page and you can get best typography along with visual clarity to drive more traffic. Buying thesis themes is the best investment that you can make. Give a firm foundation to your website pages and blogs by going in for thesis themes. It is the best buy as it can be loaded quickly and it is optimized for SEO operations. Furthermore, its flexibility and user-friendly interface is perfect for the beginners who can easily configure it.

Return of investment when Buying this:

Buying thesis themes for websites is the best investment as it gives you the optimum value. Indeed, internet marketers and SEO professionals cannot do without it as it is indispensable for optimizing the web page and to make it visually appealing. It can be loaded quickly and easy to configure and therefore it is perfect for the beginners. It is one of the best tools to reap profits by making an impressive web page and driving more traffic. So buying thesis themes is the best investment for toning up and customizing your web pages, driving in more traffic and getting the maximum return.

Coupons or Discounts (if any):

Thesis DiyThemes Discount Coupons cost more than any other WP theme as it is easy-to-use, can be downloaded quickly and configured easily to get the best results for your websites. So to cut down on the expenses of thesis themes you can avail discount coupon codes and coupons giving you varying discounts from the official website of thesis themes. They can be downloaded from there and can be redeemed to avail discount on thesis themes.

Thesis Theme Video Tutorial:



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