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Theme Forest is a marketplace where templates and themes of various companies like Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, etc. are bought and sold. It is basically an abode of talented designers, and web developers coming from all around the globe. The Theme Forest plays an important role in the field of technology related sites, magazines, blogs, creative sites, entertainment sites, newspapers, retail business sites, non-profitable sites, corporate sites, miscellaneous sites, and much more. This marketplace specializes in HTML templates and WordPress themes. Here, endless varieties are offered one of which will definitely suit your needs and requirements.

ThemeForest WordPress Theme

With this marketplace you can store and retrieve your data afterwards, improve report writing, remove duplicate inputs, customize controls, get free theme support on every purchase, optimize the traffic to your website, and enjoy many more benefits. More than 900 wordpress themes are obtainable with quick and free download options. The themes and templates are not only beautiful but easily affordable also.

Official Website:

The official website of Theme Forest is which is powered by the company named Envato. Here, the visitors will get a chance to see numerous templates and themes of different companies. A support forum is provided which solves problems of the customers as well as gives answers to their queries. The clients can not only purchase themes or templates advertised by various companies but can sell their own products as well.

People Associated with It (Inventors and the Company Who Made It):

An online company known as Envato is responsible for powering Theme Forest platform. It provides a great platform for those individuals who are highly interested in money making with the help of internet. The company provides different sites from where one can sell or buy a wide variety of digital stuff. Moreover, it also owns blog sites network where one will get a chance to learn and develop their creative skills online. The company was founded by Cyan Ta’eed in the year 2006, and is a home for many experienced workers coming from all over the globe. The company aims at providing world class products and services online. The CEO of the company is Collis Ta’eed. Here, a person can learn online graphics designing, development, motion production, audio production, and much more.


The various advantages of using Theme Forest are given below-:

• The prices are very low in comparison to the service provided by the product.

• This resource is extremely beneficial for both the buyer and the developer.

• The developers can reach their desired buyers and advertise their products to them at a very minimal cost.

• The buyers will get a chance to choose the best quality product from a number of options available.

• If the product is initially sold at a lower price, it will be still profitable because of the publicity which it will receive.

• Each product is carefully tested before it is launched in the marketplace.

• Demo pages are provided which will help the buyers to choose the right product for themselves.


Some drawbacks which are associated with Theme Forest are given below-:

• It may happen that the clients may not receive support from the developers and hence, it is better to get it before purchasing the product.

• Some developers get so busy that they don’t provide regular updates for the product. This issue may cause security problems or bug fixing problems.
• Themes with cross platform are not available.

• The new users will get a 30% commission of their initial earnings.
• The developers will be able to earn approximately 70% on each item that is sold.
• The clients will get free access to the bid buyer’s community.

The Theme Forest is flooded with numerous themes and templates supporting excellent features and some of them are given below-:
• The platform provides wide range of professionally created themes and templates that support CMS platforms.

• The products can be searched in different ways like popular files, feature files, etc. Each category will display a list of items included in it.
• The mode of payment is very simple. It can be either in the form of prepaid cash deposit or via PayPal method.

How it Works:

Firstly, all the buyers and the sellers will have to make a registration with the Theme Forest. Only after a person is registered, they will be allowed access to various ThemeForest features. They will have to sign up and deposit a minimum of $20 in their accounts. Each design has a different licence and every regular licence will allow you to use the product which you have bought. Once the purchase is made, the product can be downloaded from the download area provided. Those who want to sell in the marketplace will first have to solve the developer’s quiz. If the quiz is passed then the authors or the developers are allowed to sell their products in the marketplace. Every sell will fetch you a profit of 40% to 70% depending on the quantity of product sold. If the developers are not able to sell their products exclusively then they will get a small profit percentage.


The Theme Forest marketplace offers products ranging from $5 to $47. The price depends on the quality, complexity, and file usage of the product. Themes which have numerous features are much costlier than those which have lesser features.


The Theme Forest has created the highest ranking among its competitors. With 489,680 members and approximately 55, 828 products, Theme Forest marketplace have set a great record which cannot be easily broken by any of its competitors. Moreover, all the themes and templates are quality tested and high in demand.

How is it different from the Competitors:

The wordpress themes and HTML templates offered by Theme Forest are not only unique but tested also. This is one of the biggest plus point which Theme Forest’s competitor’s lack. The prices of all the products are very reasonable so that more number of purchasers are purchasing them. This marketplace has set a tough competition for all its competitors.


Those who have enjoyed the features offered by Theme Forest products are extremely happy and satisfied. The rate of some of the products may be high but the world class service which they provide will cover-up all the expenses boost-up your business.

Conclusion (Whether it is Worth Buying or Not):

A remarkable opportunity is offered by Theme Forest for both the developers and the purchasers. This market is very active as the buyers can earn good product for their money and the developers can earn excellent rates for their products. Hence, in either of the above two cases neither the buyer or the seller will be at a loss. All the products offered are high in quality and this marketplace is the best for templates and themes so it is worth purchasing it.

Return of Investment when Buying this:

Once you will invest your precious money into this marketplace, you will find that you will never be at loss. One of the biggest advantages of using Theme Forest is that both the buyers and the developers gain something or the other.

Coupons or Discounts (if any):

To save your money and time, Theme Forest offers Discount Coupons. These ThemeForest Discount coupon offer lifetime memberships, free product updates, discounts, and various other offers. You can also get 10% cash back if you make a wise deal. These coupons are updated regularly and advertised in various websites.

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