Supermarket Magento Theme – Gala EverBuy

The Supermarket  Magento theme is designed for the supermarkets, shopping malls, and shopping plazas specifically. This theme is artfully created to suit the purpose for which it is designed. It has a combination of beautiful colours, powerful features, and is very convenient to use. Here, extra emphasis is given to information labels, Ad bars, photos, title bars, and so on.


• Mega menu

The Mega menu option or the multiple columns option will allow users to expand their menu using the option offered by the theme. By using this option they can include text input, dynamic data, videos, and photos in their main menu easily. The users get to include many columns in their menu along with drag and drop feature and can create menu which best suits their web project’s purpose and aim. The mega menu options helps to give a new and lively look to the website.

Supermarket Magento Theme - Gala EverBuy

• Image slideshow

If a website contains slideshow then it attracts more number of visitors. This feature is offered by this Magento theme. The image slideshow feature allows you to include above 20 transitions effects in your website and make it look more beautiful, creative, and attractive.

• Widgets

The users will find widgets which are extremely useful in getting traffic to their website and some of these widgets are Sale-off, New Product, Bestseller, and many more. On including these widgets in your website, its efficiency will increase and the users are allowed to show new products, best selling products, featured products, and much more using the static block present on the homepage of their website. They can also include the related information and conditions option so as to attract more number of visitors.

• Drop-down options

You will find the drop-down shopping cart feature available with this theme. Now the shopping cart information will appear only when you move the mouse pointer to the cart. This feature will save considerable space of your website and your visitors will view the cart details from any page they want.

• Ajax-view product

The Ajax-view Product or Quick view or Light-box view is a feature supported by this theme which allows visitors to see your product details without going to the detail page. For this they will have to take their mouse on the quick view option available on the product image and after clicking that option a small product description will appear before them. This description will also include the price of the product. It allows you to achieve high business efficiency as the customers can carry-on seeing the other products.

• jQuery cloud zoom

If you want to include some images in your project then this feature will be the best for you. Integrated images of the product can be obtained with effects using the jquery cloud-zoom technology. Now your website viewers will find it easy to view the full-size image of the product. A replacement option by light-box is also available for you.

• Ajax cart

The in-built Ajax Add-to-cart extension option is available for the users. This feature will allow them to select the product which they want to purchase without leaving the page on which they are currently. They can add this product to their product basket instantaneously. In this way your sales will increases and you will gain user experience.

• Image size controller

This Magento theme supports powerful image size controller. User will have to carry-out some simple and quick manipulations in the back-end. In the configuration section the option for selecting the appropriate image size is available which is also optional. Once this is done, the feature will not only change the main page’s photo but will also change the product’s photo on other pages like related block, thumbnails on the category page in list and grid mode, widget, and so on. Apart from changing the image size, the users are also allowed to change the background colour of the image to make it look more eye-catching.

• Extra footer

The users can improve the SEO strategy as well as provide extra information to their website visitors. They can add extra space for saving promotional banners and information.

• Version compatibility

This theme is compatible with the latest CE Magento version.

• Browser compatibility

This theme is compatible with all the major browsers that are used and that are going to be used in near future. Some of the browsers on which this theme runs efficiently include Internet Explorer version 7, 8, and 9, Opera version 10+, Google Chrome version 5+, Safari version 5+, Firefox version 3, 4, and 5+, and so on.

• Promotion banners

The designers will find promotional banners which are specially designed to follow the subject’s theme.

• Customization and optimization

The sub pages customization and optimization feature allows users to change the theme according to the needs and requirements of their web project. Moreover, it provides greater theme working flexibility.

• PSD design files

Well organized PSD design files are included with this Magneto theme.

• User guide

The user guide and documentation is of great help to the users especially the beginners. In these documentations they will find detailed instructions of how to use the theme and its various features in their project.

• Quick installation

With the help of installer scripts provided with this theme, your theme will get installed quickly and perfectly on your existing store.

• Customer support

An excellent team of professionals is available all 24 hours of the day and all 7 days of the week to give support to the customer. They willingly answer questions, queries and doubts so that using the theme becomes easy for the customers.

• Theme updates

Lifetime updates come free with this theme. Moreover, free upgrade is provided whenever a new version of the theme is released.

• Search engine optimized

This Magento theme is completely search engine optimized and using this theme will not only give a powerful feature rich website but will also increase your website’s search engine ranking by grabbing more web traffic.

• Valid HTML/ CSS

This Magento theme is created using valid CSS 2.0 and CSS 3.0 version and hence it is commented and structured well which eases customization.

• Product tabs

The products can be easily grouped in tabs and show more products on the home page while still keeping your website neat and clean.

• Product stickers and labels

This theme supports the feature of Product labels and Product stickers.


There are a number of features included which help in simplifying customization. The user guide and customer support is very good and reliable. The SEO related feature helps in website promotion and thereby in increasing the website’s ranking in various search engines.


On increasing the data and images, the loading speed decreases which is the major drawback faced by this theme.


Standard package costs $100 and it includes support via helpdesk ticket, free installation service, and theme upgrades for lifetime.
Developer package costs $150 and it includes support via helpdesk ticket, free installation service, layered Photoshop files, and theme upgrades for lifetime.
Standard membership package start-up fee is $400 and monthly fee is $40. This package includes all existing themes, 2 new themes /month, support via helpdesk ticket, and free installation service.
Developer membership package start-up fee is $500 and monthly fee $50. This package includes all existing themes, 2 new themes/month, support via helpdesk ticket, layered Photoshop files, and free installation service.

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