Beauty Store Magento Theme – Gala Aphrodite

The Beauty Store Magento theme is designed especially for cosmetic and beauty stores. Its design is sophisticated and beautiful and will catch the attention of the visitor in its first look itself. The theme is designed professionally and maintains its creativity and love for women emotion. Some glamorous and impressive colours are made use of.

Beauty Store Magento Theme - Gala Aphrodite


• Mega menu

Other than the default menu provided with this theme, the users can also use the expanded menu option. The mega menu option allows users to easily add dynamic data, text input, images, and videos to their menu. The final result will be a rich menu which is both convenient to use and eye-catching as well. To add on, you will get multiple columns for your menu and each with a drop-down feature so arranging your store in a well structured way will be much easy.

• Image slideshow

The image slide show feature comes with 20+ transitions effects. This feature will give a lively look and feel to your website and visitors will enjoy scrolling through it.

• Widgets

Optionally, you can choose related conditions and information so as to attract your customer’s attention quickly. To increase the efficiency of your website, these widgets are offered with the help of which you can display and select the products in the manner you like. You will find special widgets like Bestseller, New product, Sale-off, etc. with this theme. You can display the list of featured products, best selling products, new products, to your customers by the static block available at the home page.

• Drop-down options

The drop-down option allows users to include this feature in their shopping cart option. To make the shopping cart information available, the users will simply have to take the mouse pointer over it. This feature was included so as to save website space and allow visitors to see the cart details no matter on which page they are.

• Ajax-view product

This feature makes it very convenient for the visitors to see the products and can be used for achieving business efficiency. This feature allows you to view the product details especially when you don’t require the detail page. This can be achieved by simply clicking on the “quick shop” option present on the product image. As soon as the button is clicked, a short description of the product along with product’s price and detailed images will appear before the customers. The visitors will then continue seeing the other products quickly.

• jQuery cloud zoom

The jQuery cloud zoom feature allows you to integrate the product’s image. Now the visitors will easily see the complete-size of the product’s image. Option for replacement by light-box effect can also be selected.

• Ajax cart

The in-built Ajax Add-to-cart option extension helps customers select a product for purchasing without the need to leave their current page and they can instantly add the product to their basket.

• Image size controller

The image size controller option allows you to manipulate back-end in a fast and efficient way. You can select the size of your product picture which is optional from the configuration section. The product’s image can be changed on the main product page as well as on other pages like Crossell block, block Upsell, widgets, related block, and thumbnails on the category page in list and grid mode. Along with the image size, its background colour can also be adjusted according to the needs and requirements of the website.

• Extra footer

The extra footer space is provided so that you can store product information and promotional banners. Using this feature the users can improve their website’s SEO strategy and provide more product information to their visitors.

• Version compatibility

This theme is fully compatible with Magento version CE

• Browser compatibility

This Magento theme supports cross-browser feature and is compatible with almost all currently used browsers like Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and so on.

• Promotion banners

The promotional banners included with this Magento theme are designed in a very beautiful way so that they suit your website’s subject well and thereby give it a refreshing look and feel.

• Customization and optimization

Now customizing and optimizing the sub pages of your website will be very easy because of the customization and optimization feature supported by this theme.

• PSD design files

The PSD design files which are provided with this theme are organized in a proper manner.

• User guide

When the theme is purchased, users will find a helpful user guide and documentation which will detail them step by step on how to use different tools and features provided by the theme.

• Quick installation

The theme offers an in-built installer script which has the capability to install the theme as quickly as possible on the existing store.

• Customer support

The very helpful customer support portal is available for the users where they can post their queries, questions, and problems and they will receive answers at the earliest.

• Theme updates

The theme updates feature will provide you with lifetime updates regarding the new theme versions and newly introduced features.

• Search engine optimized

This Magento theme is completely search engine optimized and using this theme will not only give a powerful feature rich website but will also increase your website’s search engine ranking by grabbing more web traffic.

• Valid HTML/ CSS

This Magento theme beauty and cosmetic related theme is created using CSS 2.0 and 3.0 versions and hence it is commented well and also has a well defined structure which will make customization simple to use. Here, strict XHTML version 1.0 is used.

• Product tabs

The products can be easily grouped in tabs and show more products on the home page while still keeping your website neat and clean.

• Product stickers and labels

You can make special icons or labels which are easy and user-friendly for some special products. Although, product labels extension can be used commercially but it comes free of cost with this theme.

Beauty Store Magento Theme - Gala Aphrodite


The theme offers some of the very powerful features like the SEO related features which are highly beneficial for a website. The drag and drop and customization feature helps users to work easy with this theme. Since the theme is created specifically for beauty and cosmetic purpose, hence it includes all the important features which such a website should have. The cost of this theme is very reasonable as compared to its other competitor themes.


Some designers feel that the loading speed of this theme is not very fast. They complain of that including a large amount of data and images affects the website loading speed considerably.


Standard package costs $100 and it includes support via helpdesk ticket, free installation service, and theme upgrades for lifetime.
Developer package costs $150 and it includes support via helpdesk ticket, free installation service, layered Photoshop files, and theme upgrades for lifetime.
Standard membership package start-up fee is $400 and monthly fee $40. This package includes all existing themes, 2 new themes /month, support via helpdesk ticket, and free installation service.
Developer membership package start-up fee is $500 and monthly fee $50. This package includes all existing themes, 2 new themes /month, support via helpdesk ticket, layered Photoshop files, and free installation service.

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