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Harnessing earning Potential through Link Assistant Software

Link Assistant, a highly popularSEO software tool, has emerged as the most effective tool for enhancing the ranking of website by creating ad-link on it. Link Assistant is a part of the major SEO PowerSuite which includes four parts in it. These include following:

• Website Auditor

• Rank Tracker

• SEO Spyglass

Link Assistant

Official Website:

For taking the benefits of Link Assistant, a team of very talented web developers and designers have developed the website

Team Behind Link Assistant:

Propelled with the vision of empowering others through the internet marketing a team of highly talented engineers have designed the software, Link Assistant. Besides there is a team of customer friendly staff who are ready to help you each and every time you seek their help.


Daniel has rich experience in IT and Search Engine Optimization including technical writing.

Other Members:

Other team members include Alexander Maximov (Software Testing Expert), who has rich experience in troubleshooting technical problems. Diana Navitskaya has expertise in software development as well as SEO and Internet Marketing. All of the key people are backed up by the highly cordial staff members.


• The procedure to track the rankings of the website is very simple and you get the results instantly as soon as you enter the URL in the tool.Rank Tracker automatically gets the domain with the respective rankings.

• Customizing options of Link Assistant make it easier for the developer to create links on various pages of the website.

• It comes with many advanced features which make it much easier for you to enhance rating of your website.

• Its ease of use sets it apart from the remaining corresponding tools.

• Faster linking steps gets you the desired result for creating millions of links easily.

• Comes handy with SEO PowerSuite as one of the four integrated parts.


When you ask one to highlight the cons of Link Assistant you are surely going to make one in a quandary. Therefore it is up to you to use the software in the way you feel comfortable with. Further, those who are addicted to the sub-standard quality may feel its rate is high. Still keeping in view its effectiveness, investment in it is quite worthy.

Features of Link Assistant:

Link Assistant


Competitor’s Research:

With Link Assistant you can automatically research the topmost websites in a particular category.

Identification of Links of Partners:

Link Assistant creates lists of the top partners in your specific business category. Once implemented, it automatically acquires e-mail IDs as well as contact forms to be used in the campaign of link building. It’s quite interesting to know as to which partner would benefit the most.

E-mail Management:

One of the highly useful features of Link Assistant is that it manages E-mails to and from the potential associates. You can customize the e-mail before it is delivered to the intended recipient.

Management of Reciprocal Links:

It enables to upload the customized pages through FTP onto your web portal. As most of the pages are based on specific templates you can integrate these pages with your web portal quite easily. With this feature you can get as to what people have been benefiting from this SEO PowerSuite Link Assistant.

How it Works:

It helps you in many ways. First it gets you tools of tracking the partners which are linked to your website.


Keeping into the consideration the value and usage, Link Assistant gets you the full return of its investment. You can buy either of the two versions, Link Assistant Professional or Link Assistant Enterprise. Link Assistant Professional version comes at the attractive price of $99.75 and is suitable for webmasters as well as website owners.

Another version, Link-Assistant-Enterprise Version is available for $249.75. This version is suitable for Search engine Optimizers as well as SEO companies.


It is only after using Link Assistant Software that you get the value it offers. Its unique features let it stand out from the rest. SEO PowerSuite Link Assistant is advanced in all respects. For example it takes time of 3 minutes 50 seconds, 36 minutes, 92 minutes, and 120 min. 19 seconds for Rank checking through the software from Market Samurai, IBP, WebCEO and AWR respectively.

Among all of its competitors, only Link Assistant has the feature of Yahoo! Search-Assist. Link Assistant is advanced as it can detect spelling errors. Only Link Assistant has the feature of Quick Search through Keywords integrated in it.

How is it different from the Competitors?

Link Assistant has an edge over others vis-à-vis its competitors like Market Samurai, IBP, WebCEO and AWR. Some softwares do not contain many features but Link Assistant has it all.

Ask TypeAhead Search Suggestion:

You can search the keyword which has more potential than other keywords. You will find this feature in Link Assistant while you will not find this in any of the softwares from IBP, WebCEO, AWR or Market Samurai.

Choice of Misspellings:

You find this feature only in Link Assistant.

Current Ranking:

Well, it is the curiosity of webmasters as well as website owners to get status of their current ranking.

Besides, with Link Assistant software you have the advantage of preparing unlimited reports of keywords.

Captcha Recognition:

Captcha recognition facility is only provided in the Link Assistant software.

So, you can observe how Link Assistant has many distinctive advantages as compared to its rival products.


Right from tracking the link partners to maintaining all records of communication which occurred between you and your linking partners, Link Assistant does everything for you with ease and simplicity.


Considering all its features and advanced tools you can easily conclude that Link Assistant from SEO PowerSuite is the most dynamic linking management software. It continuously keeps adding more features. So, if you wish to earn more money through your website, SEO Powersuite Link Assistant can prove to be the catalyst for your earning potential.

Return of Investment when Buying this:

Return on what you invest in this software is largely reflected in the form of increased traffic to your site. Further you can see the change in the clicking rate on ads links placed on your website.

Coupons or Discounts (if any):

When you choose to purchase Link Assistant software through Link-Assistant Discount Coupons, you get the opportunity to save $400 off on the whole package of SEO PowerSuite.

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