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An excellent keyword research tool has been created by the KeywordSpy founders, which will tell about those keywords that are being used by the client’s competitors for advertising their business. These keywords are used to increase the ranking of a particular website on the various search engines like Bing, Yahoo, Google, and so on. It is a completely web-based tool that will make it easy for the users to gather, create, and compare keyword ad campaigns. This software will act as a catalyst to boost your website’s ranking and traffic. This tool is capable of indexing affiliate keywords, PPC keywords, organic terms as well as organic phrases.


The software provides a huge collection of keywords database that is stored and can be searched in any manner. The database of  KeywordSpy is daily updated in order to increase the client’s keyword research experience. By writing queries with the KeywordSpy tool, you can get competitive data in large amounts, which can be used to obtain further benefits. There is no doubt that KeywordSpy is an official keyword library available online. Keyword research is a valuable activity which yields high returns in the field of search marketing. This software is the best for those who opt for pay-per -click method of advertising.

Official Website:

The official website for this tool is The clients can obtain details and features about the software from here. Since this system is web-based,the customers will have to register and then log-in using their user-name and password. In comparison to all search engine advertisers, the company has been a leader in the field of competitive intelligence and keyword research technology. The innovative technology tool created by the company tracks all activities related to search advertising. It empowers individuals and organizations with PPC, competitor’s keywords, affiliate intelligence, advertisement copies, SEO, marketing analytics, and other important information. This website will fulfill all the needs and requirements of the customers related to the keyword research.

People Associated with It (Inventors and the Company Who Made It):

KeywordSpy is a reliable, privately owned company which was founded in the year, 1997. The founders include a group of online enthusiasts’ professionals. They thought that there was a big need of a keyword research tool in the field of World Wide Web. As a result, they combined their capabilities and knowledge to start an online career. Initially they worked as affiliates and site owners after which they thought of developing a web-based tool which could track keywords. They thought that without this tool they will not come to know about those keywords which their competitors were using to obtain a high search engine ranking. Finally, they created a KeywordSpy tool which is both, a web-based and a powerful keyword intelligence system.

Pros :

The clients will receive fresh results every time because the system is updated almost every day. It will help them to find out those keywords which their competitors are using to increase traffic to their websites. To test this tools effectiveness, clients can sign-up for free trial versions and see the excellent results given by the tool. With regular updates, the customers can enhance their keyword research experience. Knowing one’s competitor’s online marketing strategy, the clients can also do the same to give a tough competition to their competitors. This will also increase their search engine ranking and hence their business. The product takes lesser time to provide the keywords list than the other products of its type.

Cons :

With the increase in the number of keywords, finding the best to suit one’s business can  be a tedious work. The clients have to be very attentive and keep on changing their keywords in order to remain updated and obtain a high ranking in various search engines. The main drawback of KeywordSpy is that there is no provision of money back guarantee.

Features: The key features of this powerful tool are as follows,

    • Competitive intelligence-: by knowing about your competitor’s organic and PPC campaign strategies you can uncover competition landscape.

    • Keyword research-: using the keywords used by your competitor, you can create a list of profitable keywords and access large amount of database for similar phrases and terms.

    • ROI indicator-: finds out only profitable ad-copy combinations and keywords from the competitors keyword list.

    • Advanced searches-: with its powerful search options, you will exactly what you need by searching by keywords, domains, ad copy content, and destination URL.

    • Market report-: you can obtain a complete list of keywords and top sites in online industry.

    • Advanced metrics-: the effectiveness of a keyword can be measured based on search volume, cost per click, position, and other important metrics.

    • Budget statistics-: know the ad spending amount for the target sites.

    • Daily updates-: get accurate and real time data and be a step ahead from your competitors.

Working of KeywordSpy :

This tool makes use of the “what you filter is what you export” strategy in downloading data. It can be further simplified that when results are sorted using a specific keyword with a specific ROI value, then by clicking on the export icon, keyword data beyond that specific value will be displayed. This is achieved by first filtering the results and saving the export limit daily for all other keyword files. The KeywordSpy will display those ads affiliates in-front of you, which your competitors are using to advertise their websites.

Pricing of KeywordSpy :

The prices for different products are different but it is guaranteed that these rates will be very reasonable. The rates are determined for monthly basis and include some additional features also. Basically, the rates of KeywordSpy depend on the type of package which the customer wants to avail. The research package cost is $89.95, which is best suited for small scale advertisers. This package is used for understanding strategies and researching competitor’s keywords. The cost of tracking package is $89.95, which is suited for both real time trackers and the small advertisers. The professional package price is $139.95 which is good for mid-level businesses.

Competitors :

By knowing the most frequent keywords used by the client’s competitor, the clients themselves can include those keywords in their websites which will increase their ranking in various search engines. Moreover, the clients can also create better keywords on the same pattern of their competitor’s keywords, which will be more beneficial for them.

How is it different from the Competitors?

It is one of the best keyword research tools offered by a company and is worth its value. Once the customers purchase it, surely they will never face any problem while searching for keywords and will be a step ahead from their competitors. The return which the customers will get after purchasing and using this software is commendable. The rates of the service packages provided by Keywordspy are very low as compared to other competitors.

Results :

After going through a lot of reviews given by the KeywordSpy users, it can be said that the product is really good and a must for all business owners. It not only saves time but money of the clients also. Using the right keyword will help to increase the traffic of your website and advertise its features and services.

Conclusions(Whether it is Worth Buying or Not):

It is recommended to buyKeywordSpy software because it provides a great way to move ahead of your competitors using their ways of advertising their business.

Return of Investment when Buying this:

Buyers will get full returns on their investment in the form of an increase in their business and hence in their profit percentage. The investment is less but the output is high which you can see for yourself after using the product.

Coupons or Discounts (if any):

The company also offers certain KeywordSpy Discount Coupons and offers on purchasing the monthly packages. These discounts can be some additional features, lifetime updates, memberships, and much more.

KeywordSpy Video Tutorial:

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