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CyberChimps LLC develops Premium WP Themes, involving iFeature Pro. The company has established its framework in Long Beach, located at California. CyberChimps comprises trained professionals of WordPress Theme and possesses working experience of 6 years in the same field. The company founded CyberChimps following the same pattern as tracked by WordPress. Cyberchimps aims at supporting customers, developing premium products and give productive results to the WordPress Community. The company laid down its foundation in 2010 under the supervision of “Tyler Cunningham” and “Trent Lapinski”. The best thing is that the company gives opportunities to trained WP professionals who are interested in working for CyberChimps but running short of time. WordPress Developers can associate with company as part-time professionals.

CyberChimps Themes

Official Website:

For Responsive Design, Page Elements, Latest Theme Options, Drag-Drop Themes and Elegant Designs, customers can visit This website links can magically adjust with Mobile Devices like Android Devices, iPad and iPhone. Website includes powerful Page Elements, Drop-Down Header and Blog that permit customers to control element order on page. Cyberchimps presents easily accessible and well-designed WordPress Themes used by customers to give a professional look. The company also benefits customers with its precise documentation, data transfer and free registration of one domain.

People Associated With It:

Trent Lapinski, an online entrepreneur is working for multimillion-dollar companies such as PlayBoy, L’Oreal, West-Coast Clinical check and LiveUniverse. The company’s professional experience in web development, Online Advertisement, Internet Marketing, Media Marketing, Viral Marketing, Project Management and professional design is valuable. Customers can follow Cyberchimps on Twitter at trentlapinski. Bryan Hadaway is another incredible addition to the Cyberchimps team. Bryan Hadaway is a popular name among CyberChimps customers, as he holds broad expertise in both WordPress and client support.

Themes come with new and efficient features that assist bloggers to create their business or personal site more stunning, accessible and specialized. The best part is that the customer can handle all the functional activities through Theme options. CyberChimps has an expert team of WP professionals with minimum experience of six years in similar field.


Cyberchimps provide a complete package for bloggers. The company presents the most admired and well-appreciated WordPress Themes. Indeed, some clients recommend CyberChimps’ attractive theme for professional and personal sites. The foremost cause behind its mounting popularity is that themes are SEO optimized, effectual and contemporary. The worthiest aspect is that CyberChimps Theme presents an eye-catching look without affecting the actual speed of site. CyberChimps Theme is certainly the first choice of countless users, as they are economical, simple yet beautiful, speedy and worth a purchase. The company provides wide-ranging options for professional themes involving Responsive Business WP Theme, WP Theme Framework and other Premium WP Themes.


Cyberchimps does not proffer customization service and some suggestions for theme pros are results of concise survey. Some of the listed features are quite similar to Business Lite Theme. One negative aspect of Cyberchimps is that most of its part bears a resemblance to Pro, as they are most robust, post, templates and extension to pages. Pro support undeniably proffers the best features for maximum users due to its customization support. Recently, developers recognized the need to upgrade Pro and continue to post content on site launch. While using WordPress for developing something that approximates business sites in a better way, major drawback that originates is that each time you create a page, CyberChimps places a menu in the header.


Cyberchimps features the famous “Drag & Down Theme Options”, Responsive Designs and “Response Core framework”. Nero Pro involves “Drag & Down Header’ with responsive features, callout section, Image carousal, Page content, different Header Layouts, Widgeted Box and much more. Drag and Down Elements makes it very easy to layout a page on WP Website without recognizing any need for short codes, CSS or HTML. The company has also simplified the options to involve the most crucial features to content management and enhance WordPress Themes. If you are accustomed with CSS and are looking for functional starter WP Themes, then Neuro Pro presents an ability to incise Custom CSS very easily. Neuro Pro is perfect for developing wonderful child themes.

As Neuro Pro involves “Drag & Down Elements”, users do not require plugins to include feature slider, callout section, Widgeted areas or carousal that focus on Theme design in spite of plugins. The responsive design of CyberChimps Theme runs efficiently on mobile devices. Neuro Pro works on “Response Pro Core Framework”, which includes all the latest features necessary for CyberChimps WP Themes. Neuro Pro is the most advanced WP Theme that was released under “GNU GPL v2”.

How It Works:

The company handles the main functionality of WordPress Themes and owns experience of responsive designing. If you are unable to code, then you must be eager to learn basics of theme design. Right now, the company is growing as a theme provider not limited to the scope of WP Theme design. Response Pro is specifically designed for WP users looking for clean and compatible WordPress Themes. CyberChimps suggests precise video walkthroughs, support forums and documentation. iFeature Pro is another optimized theme of Cyberchimps that works on Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome. Customers willing to purchase Cyberchimps Theme can visit the official site of the company. Customers can easily purchase a theme just by clicking on the buy button mentioned exactly beside display.


All the WordPress Themes developed by CyberChimps are affordable and can be used to enhance any website whether it is professional or commercial. The best thing is that the company does not charge any extra cost for improved features. CyberChimps WP themes are customized and offer innate theme options that work efficiently on iPhone, Android Devices or iPad. Recently, the company has developed Response Pro available at an affordable cost of $25. Actually, Response Pro is professional WP Theme, which enables usage of theme for enhanced Content Management System. It works on the same Cyberchimps Core Framework, which was used to create iFerature Pro. In spite of wasting thousands of dollars, customers can purchase Response Pro for $25. It is just because of reasonable pricing strategy that the company counts the number of customers associated with one or another product.


User-friendly approach of iFeature is terrific, which has puffed away competitors. Themes are easy-to-use and brings an intricate professional touch to website exactly in the way what you plan. In comparison to competitors, Cyberchimps themes are well-liked and are the first preference of every blogger. The foremost aspect is that CyberChimps themes are compatible with all plugins you would require. Customer support provided by CyberChimps is amazingly useful and very efficient. By acquiring minimum usage of CPU from client’s server, company owns proficiency of being standard, powerful and compliant masterpiece.

How is it Different from the Competitors?

Cyberchimps Themes are simple to use and feature new responsive designs and the popular “Drag & Down”, Theme Options” and Core Framework. These innovative features distinguish the company from other competitors and mark its position to the top of WordPress Themes. CyberChimps WP Theme Store is just the right link to choose from different WordPress Themes, which can be used on many projects and websites. The company is still new and continues to evolve as a leading theme provider. The company spends more time in considering user’s requirements rather than selling products in web based market. In any case, the thriving future of the company entirely depends on company gratification.


CyberChimps Themes add over 2 dozen advance CMS features that involve latest design settings, iMenu 2, iFeature Pro Two Slider and per page settings using Meta Options, Advanced Callout section, Twitter bar, Blog Settings and much more.WordPress professionals of CyberChimps took many years to develop iFeature Pro 2” engrossed with easily accessible settings. CyberChimps Theme presents most recommended features depending upon client’s requisite. Company offers experienced customer support for child theme, HTML5, CSS3, import options and custom CSS. Cyberchimps brings WordPress Theme to a new thriving level and proffers great features for improving your website. Third release of iFeature Pro presents an attractive Apple-like design and more than 2 dozen features.

Conclusion (Whether it is Worth Buying or Not)

According to present requirement of internet, having a professional or well-designed site is not sufficient to grab attention of customers. Many competing sites struggle uphill down to bring their site in glare of publicity where customers can notice preeminent traits of company. Cyberchimps Pro offers proficiency in line with most recent search engines backed by vast industry expertise. Every Theme is a remarkable contribution of Tyler Chunnigham’s extensive knowledge in different fields of Linux, server administration, customer service, WordPress, blogging, PHP and CSS. CyberChimps Theme is worth buying, as company proposes innovative features that you can hardly avail anywhere else and other competitors charge thousands of dollars for similar facets.CyberChimps Themes Review

Return of Investment when Buying this:

From overall analysis, it is clear that purchase of CyberChimps theme is worthwhile and customers can avail more benefits than the cost spend. CyberChimps Themes can be availed at an effective pricing that well-suits the client’s financial stability. Every company aims at providing their innovative creations at reasonable cost that pleases customers and gratifies them. Before approving any theme providers, customers give utmost preference as well as consideration to return of investment and other lucrative means. Customers allied with Cyberchimps Themes feel contented because of client support and reasonable packages. Another crucial aspect aligned with CyberChimps Theme Package is its sufficiency and competency to fulfill requirements of different websites.

Coupons or Discounts:

As you know, Cyberchimps designs world-class professional WP Themes like iFeature Pro, Responsive Pro and Neuro Pro. The demand for CyberChimps is growing more and more thereby making it the most talked-about WordPress Theme. However, the cost of CyberChimps Theme is affordable and within client’s theme but no customer leaves an opportunity of saving money. Getting a discount on company price is always beneficial and users love to avail coupon codes. Customers can get CyberChimps coupon, Discount Coupons or coupon codes just by visiting the official site of company and associated sites. At present, a highly active coupon is available on weekend sale that permits customer to get a discount of $10 on iFeature Pro3 and $5 on other themes.

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