5 Tips To Save Time On Your Small Business SEO


We are all given the same 24 hours in every day but you can get a decided advantage with your SEO tasks with these time saving tips.

Best Seo Tips For Small Business

Use Bing’s SEO Reports to Detect Site Issues:

Bing has updated their webmaster tools to provide webmasters with SEO recommendations for their verified domains. The tool provides recommendations based on 15 SEO best practices so that you can instantly identify the areas of your site that needs some work. This saves time since you will be working directly on the problems rather than wasting time with hit or miss issues.

Learn The Basics of SEO in 10 Minutes:

Visit the Google Webmaster Channel on Youtube to watch Maile Ohye deliver the basic SEO requirements in a 10 minute video. If you’re new to SEO and have no choice but to do it yourself then this is a great place to start. The video outlines the basics of site design, site conversion, social media, buzz generation, link building, site copy and targeting your audience and it is definite must see if you’re overwhelmed and don’t know where to start.

Do A Short Online Training:

Invest some money on a short course that would teach you the basics up to advance strategies for SEO. The face of SEO is constantly changing and recent Google updates have made a lot of what worked in the past null and void today. Look for an up to date course that you can take to understand the ins and out of SEO. Make sure that the facilitator is reliable and knowledgeable and you’ll learn in a few days what it would take years to do if you decided to do all the research yourself. That would be money well spent and time well saved.

Target Your Local Audience:

Local SEO is fairly simple because it is less competitive and almost always provides the most value for money. Use keywords to target people in your local areas as well as your global audience. In some cases it might even be worthwhile to build a site with a country extension so that you can narrow the focus to this local area. Your site should also contain details for local contact and tag your images and media with your keywords as well. Finally use the Google+ Local Platform to boast your local SEO.

Be Consistent:

A few minutes dedicated to SEO daily is always more productive that trying to accomplish a lot in a few hours or days over an extended period of time. Don’t let your SEO efforts fall by the wayside. Just like maintaining an active, fit and toned body you must keep at it instead of waiting until you encounter a crisis to take action. Apart from that an active profile lets your community and the search engines know that you are committed to your business and in it for the long haul.
Use these tips to save time but still be effective with SEO. Now you can make use of the extra time to do something productive or just have fun!

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