3 Quick Fixes To Take Your Content From Good To Amazing


Google updates over the past month have forced webmasters to revisit their content strategies. This is a crucial undertaking if you want to stay in business online. Content needs to be unique so that it does not trigger any alarms when passing through Panda filters but it has to be so good that it helps you to build links that does not offend the Penguin.
What you may have thought of as good and linkable content may be falling short in the eyes of the search engines and your site visitors. It’s time to take a closer look at your content and see where you’re falling short. Here are the top three offenders and some quick fixes to take content from good to amazing.

Guidlines For Writing Best Content

Your Content Is Too Commercial:

The objective of your site is to make sales but that does not mean that your content should be all commercial. Many business owners unwittingly fall into the trap of publishing content that is so commercial that it does not score points with the search engines and it certainly does not appeal to the people that they’re targeting.
This problem is further compounded when business owners outsource the web copy with no clear goals. Sometimes the problem might even arise from building content around keywords only. Don’t limit your content to keyword terms and relax the tone in some areas on the site. Keep the really good articles free from ads, self promotion and the all intrusive sidebars. Most importantly include tools so that readers can share with others in their network.

Your Content Is One-Sided:

Today marketing needs to be highly relational and that includes your content. Writing and publishing content that includes only your opinions and your perspectives can turn your audience off. Yes, there will be some who would agree with your point of view but they would be the only ones that might be willing to link to or share your content.
Open up your site to include other viewpoints. Write about it and quote others even when it is in direct disagreement to your beliefs. Invite feedback and make it easy for visitors to leave comments on what you wrote. This opens the way for interaction and it lets others know that you don’t think that your opinion is the only one that matters.

Your Content Is Good But No One Knows About it:

Okay there might be a possibility that you truly have some good content on your site. It might not be doing anything for you though if no one can find it. You might not be getting good links from your content if you don’t make it easy for others to find and share it.

If you’re about to protest that you have promoted your content and still nothing happens you need to evaluate if you’ve promoted to the right people. Revise your strategy to not only get your content promoted but to get it in front of the people that count. Use different types of content in different places to leverage the content and reach the audience in that particular place.

If your content marketing strategy failed you in past there is still hope for the future. Tweak your strategy here and there to fix your shortcomings and soon you will have the results that last.

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