10 Ways To Use Content To Get More Links


Content is the stuff that internet empires are built on. If you’re failing to get valuable and Penguin worthy links for your content then it’s time for an evaluation. People read and interact with content when it provides value and this should be the main goal of your content and the rest should take care of itself. Here are 10 ways you can use your content to get valuable links to your site.

10 Ways For Writing Quality Content

Practice Makes Perfect:

The best internet writers all admit that they cringe at their early stuff. They got better at writing for the web because they did not give up. The more they wrote the better they got. It helps to write about the things that you love because then you truly shine. So keep on writing.

Be Unique:

Make a name for yourself online and attract a lot of links by writing something that is really good but unique. Take an old story and put a new eye opening spin on it to get people talking. Share the content a few times and let the uniqueness of the story take root and do the rest for you.

Write a Series:

Have an interesting idea that you want to share with your audience? Why not do a bit more research and write a series instead of laying out the idea in a single post? A series keeps your audience coming back for the next installment, if it is unique and good! It is a great way to build internal and external links for your site.

Diversify Your Content:

With so many ways to provide information there is no need to limit your posts to textual content. Videos, images, infographics, audio recordings, pdf files are just some other content formats that you should consider. This also gives you the opportunity to increase your links when you share the content on the appropriate file sharing site.

Make a Contribution:

Look out for opportunities to contribute in your industry. These could include guest posts, forum moderation, write a newsletter or be a contributor on a weekly or monthly column. These opportunities increase your exposure and are great link building strategies as well.

Meet a Need:

Is your industry overlooking an important need? Whatever that need is you can investigate the potential to meet it and gain recognition and links for doing so.

Write a Report:

Write an in depth report about an urgent need in your industry and give it away. When you do, encourage others to share it to improve the visibility of your brand and build more links.

Curate Content:

Provide a resource where the major happenings in your industry can be located in just one place. To do this you will need to curate content and link to various places on the web. By doing this others will automatically link back to you when they want to point their visitors to your valuable resource.

Recap News from Around The Web:

Similar to the above point you can do one post where you recap industry news on a weekly or monthly basis. Others will link to this resource to inform their community of important industry news that they may have missed.

Resurrect Your Old Stuff:

From time to time you might surprise yourself and write unbelievably good content that people identify with and comment on. Just because you published it already does not mean that you cannot bring it to attention again, and again. Reference the post in new posts or republish it to increase the readership.

Always keep in mind content is only truly good when people know about it. Take time to write good content but also keep in mind that it needs to be promoted in order to get the real benefits.

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