YooTheme Revista Theme Review

Revista theme is a theme which will suit designers who want to create functional and clean website. It offers easy layout along with simple customization feature. Users will also get three different wrapper options, 22 backgrounds, rounded or squared, and many more options to choose from. It offers versatile design for magazines, company, and news related websites.

Yootheme Revista WordPress Theme

Yootheme Revista Joomla Template


• Supports WordPress and Joomla

The Revista Theme supports Joomla and WordPress features.

• Supports Wrap framework

The features supported by Wrap framework are also supported by this theme.

• jQuery based Javascript

The Revista theme supports jquery based javascript feature also.

• Widgetkit updated

Fully customized styles for widgetkit slideshow, slideset, and gallery are included with this theme. You will also find lightbox widget and much more.

• Designs and style

The users will get eight styles which come in combination with 14 fonts and 22 backgrounds. Moreover, four module styles combined with 6 icons and 4 badges are also available. You will find three different wrapper styles namely in glass, none, and white.

• Rounded corner options

With this theme, round corner options feature is also available.

• Template and column

The theme supports flexible template along with column widths.

• Easy installation

Installing the theme is very easy. You will get a step by step installation guide to make the installation much simpler.

• Simple customization

Radiance Theme comes with an in-built installation guide so that users can install the theme with ease. This guide contains step by step instructions on how to install this theme.

• Demo packages

This theme provides sample data for WordPress and Joomla so that you can start creating your website straight away

• Image sources

Editable and sliced image source files of Adobe fireworks are available so that users can customize the theme easily.

• Theme styles

Along with default theme, different style variations of these are also provided.

• Theme profiles

The theme profile feature allows you to use different styles, fonts, colours in your website with the help of admin theme panel options. The users are allowed to change the settings from their own profiles and assign different menu items to them.

• Theme layout

You get default Wrap 6 framework module layout. The module proportions and alignment can be selected using the blue module. You can simply include module layouts on your own. There are two sidebars offered, highlighted in red, which can be switched either left or right. Moreover, their width can also be changed from the theme administration.

Revista Theme Layout

• Social icons

Revista theme offers customized module position known as “socialbar”. You can include social icons in your website with this.


The theme offers some of the very powerful features like the SEO related features which are highly beneficial for a website. The drag and drop and customization feature helps users to work easily with this theme. Since the theme is created specifically for beauty and cosmetic purpose, hence it includes all the important features which such a website should have. The cost of this theme is very reasonable as compared to its other competitor themes.


Some designers feel that the loading speed of this theme is not very fast. They complain that including large amount of data and images, affects the website loading speed considerably.

Price: € 79.

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