YooTheme Radiance Theme Review

The Radiance theme offers latest features of Warp theme framework. It offers a wide range of module variations and layouts which will help you create a beautiful and creative website. The neat typography will allow you to give best style to your content.
Yootheme Radiance Joomla Template

Yootheme Radiance WordPress Theme


• Available for WordPress and Joomla

Radiance Theme is available for WordPress and Joomla.

• Display and style

There are ten style variations offered by this theme. You get to choose from fifteen fonts, 3 module styles combined with 6 icons and 4 badges. There are four system styles one of which will perfectly match with the different module styles.

• FireFly effect

The fancy firefly effect is also supported by this theme.

• Templates and widths

The column widths can be customized easily and templates offered by this theme are also flexible.

• Wrap framework

All features which are supported by Wrap framework are supported by Radiance Theme.

• Easy customization

Easy customization allows users to create beautiful websites which will have a look and feel which the designers exactly want.

• Simple installation

Radiance Theme comes with an in-built installation guide so that users can install the theme with ease. This guide contains step by step instructions of how to install this theme.

• Demo packages

This theme provides sample data for WordPress and Joomla so that you can start creating your website straight away

• Image sources

Adobe firework source files for images are offered which can be edited and sliced easily using the different customization features provided with this theme.

• Theme styles

Different types of theme styles are offered along with the default theme. You also get customizable style settings like fonts, colour, etc. You can combine different colour styles options to get the best website with unique theme design.

• Theme profiles

Some very nice theme profiles are offered in different colours, styles, and fonts which users can select from the theme admin options panel. They can assign their theme with different menu items and also create their own profiles. You can click on any of the profile images and it will be loaded automatically.

• Theme layout

You get default Wrap 6 framework module layout. The module proportions and alignment can be selected using the blue module. You can simply include module layouts on your own. There are two sidebars offered, highlighted in red, which can be switched either left or right. Moreover, their width can also be changed from the theme administration.

• Custom widgetkit styles

You will get customized styles for the widgetkit slideset, and widegtkit gallery which will perfectly fit the theme.

• Social icons

The Radiance Theme provides a complete set of social icons. These icons can be added easily in the content and they are a part of the editable image source files.

YooTheme Radiance Theme

Module layouts, column layouts


The advantages of using this theme is that it offers numerous feature which will help you in making an attractive and communicative professional or business oriented website. All the features are easy to use and the support document contains step by step instruction on how to use every feature. The SEO related features will help the website in getting good web traffic thereby enhancing your website’s ranking.


Loading speed is not very good when the when large amount of data, files, images, and other information is kept. Moreover, the cost of this theme is high as compared to its other competitor themes.

Price:  €79.

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