YooTheme Inspire Theme Review

The Inspire theme offers cool and attractive widescreen background enhancement along with flexible CSS3 animation for a great look and feel. Many pixel-perfect images for background are available to choose from. Moreover, every image has own unique look and style.

Yootheme Inspire Joomla Template


• Display and style

This theme offers 12 pixel perfect backgrounds. You get a choice of 13 fonts and 6 colour styles to choose from. There are four module styles which are combinable with 6 icons and 4 badges.

• Supports WordPress and Joomla

This theme supports WordPress and Joomla features also.

• CSS3 and HTML technology

The beautiful CSS background will help you include animations in most of your website backgrounds.

• Widgetkit updates

There are 3 customized widgetkit styles offered for slideset, slideshow, and gallery.

• Template and widths

This theme provides templates which are flexible to use. Different column widths are also provided.

• Wrap framework

This theme supports all features provided by Wrap framework.

• Footer

The theme offers dark and light footer which will help to make your website they way you want to.

• Easy installation

The theme offers easy installation feature. For both the new designers as well as the advanced level designers, installation guide is available.

• Simple customization

Simple to use customization feature is provided by the theme so that you are able to create a perfect website for your business and other purposes.

• Demo packages

The demo packages along with theme sample data for WordPress and Joomla will assist you in creating your website right away.

• Image sources

Editable and easy to slice image source files of Adobe Fireworks are provided by the theme so that customization feature becomes easy to work with.

• Theme styles

A wide range of style variations of default theme are provided. Moreover, these styles include many other style settings like fonts, colour, and so on. If these different styles options are combined with one another, you will get unique theme design on your own.

YooTheme Inspire Theme

• Theme profiles

Some really useful theme profiles are offered in different colours, styles, and fonts. You can choose any of them from the admin options panel provided by this theme. You can also make your own profiles and assign different menu items to it. Just by clicking on any of the profile images, it will be loaded quickly.

• Theme layout

A little changed module layout of Wrap 6 is provided with this theme. A third bottom position known as “bottom-c” is also added. With the help of blue module position, you can define module alignment as well as proportions like double, equal, or stack. Users can add their own module layouts simply. The two sidebars which are available are highlighted in red colour and can be placed in right side or left side. You can use theme administration for setting their widths. For red and blue positions, you can select different module styles.

YooTheme Inspire Theme

• Custom widgetkit styles

Some special features like custom widgetkit styles, gallery, slideset, etc. are also offered by the theme.


All the features are very easy to work with. The final website created using this theme is great and supports all major features which a news specific website should have. The customer support and documentation is very helpful for using the features in the best possible way.


The loading speed is slow when the website contains many images and data. The price of the theme is high as compared to the number of features it offers.

Price: €79.

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