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XGEN SEO is undoubtedly the latest tool available for automated search engine optimization. One should possess this software for generating top quality back links from all the important sites of social media by using an easy interface. It is indeed a time consuming process to manage all the important social sites. One can save a lot of time, money and effort with the use of XGENSEO. By using this tool,one can drastically reduce the amount of time invested for running and making a social media marketing campaign successful. The best part of this software is that it works effectively by combining lot of important tools and tasks into one application. It is really hard to find such kind of brilliant software in the market right now. The XGENSEO software would also help one to achieve the ranking among Top ten on the basis of the targeted keywords in a much faster and easier manner than any other tool or technique in the globe.


Official Website:

One can easily find more about this wonderful software on the official website of the company www.myxgenseo.com. The official website contains all kinds of details regarding this software. One can easily learn how to manage all of their media networking sites by logging on to one platform only. They can also submit their desired content automatically to around hundred plus social media sites.Within a short period of time, one can easily build thousands of top quality links from all the available social media websites at one instant. The website also furnishes details as to how one can drive quality huge traffic to their website from social media networking sites and search engines.

People Associated with It (Inventors and the Company Who Made It):

A team of experts from Apex Pacific got together to give birth to this amazing and unique software to make things easy for all of us. Apex pacific is the leading provider of various web promotion and internet marketing solutions in the whole world. Their innovative software has helped organizations of all sizes to increase their marketing presence online and enabled them to get the desired business result. This brilliant team has also given us in the past, a software for dynamic submission.


There are various features that make this software an instant hit among the users. The XGENSEO software has an interface that is extremely friendly and easy to use. With the help of automatic CAPTCHA resolving tool and automated email account, creator one can create hundreds of new accounts with a few clicks. The automated RSS feed submitter creates and gathers RSS feeds from every single article that is posted and then automatically submits the same to the important RSS marketing directories and sites. One can automatically create hundreds of social sites and profiles on social marketing sites. The automatic ping tools also helps in posting pings to ensure that backlinks have been created. The automatic article submission enables your article to be submitted automatically by entering the keyword and the title etc. One can automatically get their articles posted on all the top blogs too. The software works on its own to deliver the best results to its users in every possible manner.


Like every software, there are some minor shortcomings in this software too. The whole process takes a little bit of time especially the captcha solving. There have been certain incidences where it has been observed that certain wrong entries are also made but this is extremely rare. The software also hangs on some sites and there arises the need for manual intervention. Some users find the interface to be a little outdated and confusing. One also needs to write and spin articles. These shortcomings are eventually nothing as compared to the thousands of advantages that one gets after using the software.


The XGEN SEO is the software for next generation and allows the clients to dominate the top ten ranking position on the famous search engines like Bing, Yahoo and Google. With the help of this software one can easily build thousands of links of top quality on all the social media marketing sites by the creation of social accounts and submission of articles on the sites automatically



Some of the most highlighted features of the software are:

• Easy to use interface in wizard style
• Automated CAPTCHA resolving tool
• Automatic email account creation
• Automatic submission of RSS feeds
• Automatic pinging
• Automatic profile creation on social accounts
• Automatic article and blog creation
• Automatic article submission
• Spinning of blog/Article
• Powerful keyword builder
• Analysis of the competition

At present the company is offering two versions of the software one is web based and the other is a desktop version. The desktop version can be installed and run on the computer however the web based version does not need any downloading or installation on the computer and can be easily accessed with the help of a web browser any time and at any place.


How It Works:

The XGENSEO software helps one by automatically creating many accounts on the most popular social media networking sites just by clicking on a single button with the help of CAPTCHA. No manual intervention is required. Not only does it create, but also verifies the hundreds of account created. One can create their articles and blog posts. Just by using few money keywords one can get access to the targeted ideas and blog posts. The software would now automatically spin the blogs and articles into several different versions to minimize the issues of duplicity of content. Several versions of your articles are submitted to the directories of various PR articles. Now several versions of the blog posts and articles will be submitted to the top search engines and blogs and major blogging sites too. The software would now take all the new bookmarks and postings to the top sites of bookmarking. Then it works by gathering RSS feeds from the networking sites that you had submitted articles to and then submit them further to the RSS directories. The software would then gather the various links from the websites that you have posted content on and pings them.

The XGEN social marketing online software is available free for fourteen days and thereafter starts from $59.00 per month whereas the social marketing desktop software can be bought with a one-time fee of $479 which is a special offer for limited time or one can get it for $79 per month.

How is it different from the Competitors?

The XGEN SEO software is way ahead from its competitors as rest of them are based on the old techniques of SEO and are based on factors of on-page optimization that accounts for just 10% of the overall factors of SEO. Other softwares are also based on traditional link exchange technique that is against Google policies. The XGEN SEO is based on the system of new algorithm of Google ranking that focuses on building quality links that are content rich


One will be amazed after seeing the results of the XGEN SEO software. This application is so much developed in comparison to other softwares. There is tremendous amount of time and effort saved. This is the most appropriate tool for increasing the traffic of your website. It also offers friendly and responsive technical support.One can easily fulfill the needs of their growing business with this software. Thousands of links are built just in less amount of time. This software would be definitely the most amazing piece of engineering that one has come across in today’s time.

Conclusion (Whether it is Worth Buying or Not):

This software is definitely worth buying. The wonderful features that one can access by this software are just marvelous. The best part is the amazingly low price that this software is available for. Business owners from all over the world are keen to buy this software and take advantage of it. The intelligent automation helps the clients in saving money, time and also allows one to generate thousands of backlinks thereby improving the rankings of their website.

Return of Investment when Buying this:

One would definitely benefit with the increased amount of traffic by using this powerful software. The clients would definitely get huge profit with the amount of time and money saved. This software is indeed very nice for complete automated link building on the web. The account creation is completely successful. Just within three months of using this software many of the clients have achieved top ratings in the top 10 websites ranking.

Coupons or XGen SEO Discount Coupons :

The software is already available for a very nominal amount especially keeping in view the various advantages it offers to its clients.However one can get to try it free for 14 days.The XGEN social marketing desktop is available by paying one-time fee of $479. This is a special limited time offer and should be made use of quickly before the deadline gets over. The company is also running a bonus offer where on purchase of XGEN SEO the users receive SEO suite for free.

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