Wpnow Elements Theme Review

Elements theme contains a vibrant color pattern with journal theme designing. Elements can be used by a recreation blog and even for a listing or multimedia post. The collection of radiant colors makes its application easy with all blog types.

Wpnow Elements Theme


• Trendy JavaScript enabled

The refined JavaScript incorporation allows you to contract and expand section headers with the small buttons at the top. You can interchange the display matter in the surrounding site segment by selecting the various tabs or jump to the top from below by selecting the back to above link.

• Adsense ready

Element are AdSense compatible and attracts Google clients on every subject and helps to initiate revenue online.

• Menu and Submenu customization

Both the menu and submenu can be customized to the “Show” or “Don’t Show” option.

• Specific page templates

Element contains page templates relating to sitemap and no sidebar as well as bookmarks.

• Widget-compliant

You can insert and organize widgets onto your portal with Elements.

• Prominent content slider

The theme permits you to display your featured articles with pictures on top of the opening page.

• Multi-level pull-down menus

The theme includes Multi-level pop-down menus, with their title generally displayed but whose options can be viewed only upon activation by clicking the mouse, when the menu contents are displayed beneath the title. The levels can be unlimited in quantity.

• Stylish and nested blockquotes

You can create stylish blockquotes to render your blog more attractive and you can also place one quote within another to build nested blockquotes.

• Convenient Ad locations

Elements contain simple to operate default advertisement locations.

• Featured Video

The right side column provides you the choice to selected a highlighted video viewing

• Complete set of plugins

The theme has a featured content plugins and you should install every plugin to avoid receiving errors due to improper loading and activation.

• Automatic panel on theme options

There is a simple single-click panel on theme options for wordpress, which makes it convenient to style and specify your portals according to your preferences.

• .All-in-one SEO

The theme includes WordPress SEO tools which makes it perfect for your blog in WordPress with regard to search engines.

• Featured content showcase

The gallery displaying featured content is an external party tool which is available on theme download. You have to upload it and turn it on.

• Contact form

The theme contains an inbuilt contact application by which users can reach out to you.

• WP-PageNavi

The plug-in page navigation for WordPress combines an improved paging navigation link.


The theme incorporates the most modern WordPress know-how in the form of JavaScript and multi-level menus for easy navigation. There is also a wide variety of support and bundled WP plug-ins.

The theme is sluggish on many hosting accounts and takes a long time to load. It offers a wholly unoptimized know-how for guests to blogs which show off their themes.


Basic (with one free theme as bonus): 49 dollars
Developer (with one free theme as bonus): 69 dollars.

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