WPMU Dev Blogs MU Theme Review

The theme Blogs MU for WordPress and Multisite as well as BuddyPress is ideal for those seeking to create a social interaction and groups based site.

WPMU Dev Blogs MU Theme


• Page templates

The three types of page templates include blog, whole width as well as fresh page sign in template.

• Editable CSS elements

CSS attributes such as fonts along with button and link color can be altered through theme option.

• Profile page customization

The profile option permits members to modify their personal profile page according to their specifications by inserting video and Flickr along with profile headers and blog feeds.

• Change colors of admin bar

You can customize the admin bar as per your preferences, besides you can employ CSS to alter various styling options like modifying bar color.

• Specific post block

The homepage contains six custom content block which you can select to make use of specific upload crop along with alterable text or content mode which catches your recent category post based on your highlighted category within theme option.

• Frontpage group features

The frontpage group attributes can be managed through theme options either arbitrarily or with team ID option of the site admin.

• Specific welcome message

The customizable homepage allows you to post welcome messages as introduction to your customers or viewers as well as sub intro post related to groups.

• Frontpage feature block

You can add or remove the intro and sub intro text within the feature block.

• Custom field for images

Custom fields aid in adding matter to your webpage or post such as some links or files and even a picture slideshow to show in post extracts and feeds, etc.

• Custom header integration

The incorporation of custom header enables you to easily insert any code into the functions.php file of the theme and fully customize the header section and the user can upload their selected header image.

• Advert code

The theme has integrated advert code where you just insert the advert code which extracts it or you can insert a graphic link from the media library. It also helps to earn cash from your group or promote a service.

WPMU Dev Blogs MU Theme

• Privacy options

Privacy options permit only signed in customers to see member profiles and members listing and change to prevent common users from forming or joining groups except those built by administrators as well as editors.

• Personal theme styles

You can build your individual theme style and even change the site theme or upload new themes through the convenient styling mechanism.

WPMU Dev Blogs MU Theme

• Easy update

As Blogs MU is a parent & child theme, the customizations made by you are protected from forthcoming upgrades because only the parent is updated and never edited, with the customizations being safeguarded in child theme as it is not upgraded. The whole process makes the update convenient.

• Easy configuration

Blogs MU theme has been fully checked and adapted to function with WP as well as WP multisite and you don’t need to upload or edit anything and it is easily configured using the theme options.

• Social networking

The theme provides integration with social interaction feeds like Facebook and MySpace besides others.

• Like button

The like button of the theme enables users to exchange your stream as well as blog content between acquaintances through Facebook which can be deactivated with the theme option.


Blogs MU is a neat, untouched and unchanged set up of WPMU which is its greatest advantage.


The theme does not offer every site built with its individual set up of WPMU as well as distinct code base. It is not free if you wish to conduct your own branding, employ your personal domain or obtain additional storage which involves charges.


Pro membership: $53 monthly ($159 for a period of three months). You have access to everything for a three month period following which you may keep on utilizing all downloads.

Pro Elite: $35 monthly ($419 for a year). The best package offering you savings of more than 500 dollars in a year and contains Anti-Splog.

Elite membership: 79 dollars each month

Single theme purchase: 39 dollars.

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