“WP Text to Ad” Plugin Review- A Premium Advertizing management plug-in

WP Text to Ad plug-in is a premium plug-in to include hover ads in your site. Unlike conventional banner ads, you can also include ads based on identified keywords which show when the mouse is hovered on them. This gives you a greater flexibility in including ads and also saves on free space in your theme. Not only can you show a banner pop-up, but can also include an audio or a video clip. This plug-in allows you to add unlimited Ads based on your content and is quite a unique concept to monetize your site and also attract viewers.  It’s mostly suitable for content-driven sites such as blogs and web tutorials.

WP Text to Ad-Premium Advertizing management plug-in

As WP Text to Ad plug-in uses the keywords in the text to display Ads, they would quite be relevant to users as the keywords are already active in the article. This greatly increases your chance of conversions from affiliate links as users would pay more attention when the ad is displayed from a text keyword, rather than from a banner. You can also combine multimedia clips with HTML in the ads.

The WP Text plug-in is cross-browser compatible and comes with an easy installation set-up. You can use the elaborate video tutorials which can be accessed from both the website as well as the admin menu to know more about the plug-in. The site also has a remedy ticket system for any technical support.


The WP Text to Ad premium WordPress plug-in comes with the below premium pricing options

1)Advanced plan: $49 for 5 keywords per page/post for use in unlimited domains and installations.

2) Pro Plan :$97 for 10 keyword per page/post for use in unlimited domains and installations. This option also allows early access to beta versions of new plug-ins  as well as discounts on future releases.

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"WP Text to Ad" Plugin Review- A Premium Advertizing management plug-in, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating