WP Robot Review

Best Value of Your Investment

WP Robot is one of the most powerful software to create WP Auto blogs. Indeed, it is a complete solution for all your auto blogs requirements. Through this flexible and dynamic software you can post products from Amazon, videos from You tube, advertisements of Click bank etc automatically. It is the right way of creating blogs. There are other auto blogging plug-ins that can create loads of content for your website but they are hardly of any value to your website whereas WP Robot adds the targeted and constructive content to your website.

WP Robot

Unlike other auto blogging plug-ins, the content generated by WP Robot does not appear to be automated. Natural looking content is created by WP Robot. Using WP Robot plug-in you can get good quality and new content at the regular time period that you specify. It is powerful, simple and easy-to-use software for WP blogs. You can create keyword specific auto-pilot content. There are several features of WP Robot plug-in. You can download the free trial version of WP Robot.If it works properly then all the features of WP Robot will also work properly.

Official Website:

You can visit the official website of WP Robot www.wprobot.net. On visiting WP Robot website you can get to see the links to videos, demo blogs and screen shots etc. Trial version of WP Robot is available free of cost. Here, you can also get hold of the latest discount coupon code for cutting down on your investment for availing WP Robot auto blogging plug-in. Log-in to the official website of WP Robot and start featuring unique and natural content from 21 different sources and get the optimum value of your investment. You actually do not need spend much as the plugin is pocket friendly to its users.

People Associated with It (Inventors and the Company Who Made It):

Thanks to Lunatic Studio and Thomas Hofter (the creators of a wonderful auto blogging plugin: WP Robot). It was in 2009, that Thomas Hofter released the software that could create auto blogs for Word Press. Since its inception,people found it very effective as it had combined all the plugins of Thomas Hofter and had a strong face. Lunatic studio is an official home page of Thomas Hofer. He has recently launched version 3 of WP Robot having much more features.


The advantages of using WP Robot are awesome. Once you get to know the benefit of using this powerful WordPress plugin, you will just find it irresistible to buy this software. Enumerated below are some of the pros of WP Robot

Randomization: This is the most significant advantage of  WP Robot plugin. It is this feature that enables the plugin to create natural auto blogs which do not appear to be automated. Randomizing the content will let it appear as natural as manually written blog to the visitors and to the search engines

• User friendly interface: Owing to user friendly interface, it is simple and easy to use. You would just appreciate its easy to use configuration.

Access to Videos: You can install WP Robot very easily by yourself. You will get to view the stepwise videos to install it to make use of its various modules and features

Access to Support Forum: Although videos are enough to assist you but there are support forums too to get your queries answered.

Regularly Updated: The plugin is updated for its latest features and modules. The latest version 3 of WP Robot has also been released to give you complete solution for auto blogging for a longer period.

• Completely safe: There are no copyright issues with WP Robot as all the content created by it comes from the authorized AI programs.

Reimbursement: Just in case you do not find the auto blogging plugin satisfactory you can avail their 14 day money back guarantee.

Select Your Custom Package: WP Robot customized version gives you everything that you need. If you do not find some modules useful you can just do away with them and can build your own custom version and can use the modules as per your needs.


The cons of WP Robot are difficult to find and the pros simply outweighs the cons of this wonderful auto blogging software. However, there are few things that are unwanted. For instance:

Numerous Features: There are too many features that they may appear to be overwhelming to you. However, before buying the plugin you can seek the help of videos to get comprehend the working of WP Robot. Alternately, you can seek the help of support forum too.

Numerous Modules: There are nineteen modules and most of the users find them surplus and hardly anybody can make use of all. To overcome this, users should focus on the modules of their need only.

Reimbursement Period is Short: However short reimbursement period has absolutely nothing to do with the quality of WP Robot. But, users find fourteen day money back period too short.


WP Robot


The innumerable features of WP Robot are more than you may need. Enumerated below are some of the features of WP Robot:

• Create keyword specific content.

• Create auto posts for multiple keywords simultaneously.

• Keywords organization

• Make use of templates for your blogs

• Report error and has detailed log function

• Create tags for auto posts

• Insertion of WP Robot content in auto posts.

• Randomize content to make it natural

• Has support forum to answer your queries.

How it Works

Owing to user-friendly interface, it is easy to install and operate WP Robot plugin. WP Robot is simply posting content into your website. It does not do any SEO stuff. It makes sure that the auto posts to your website are natural and hundred per cent plagiarism free. The plugin pays heed to the inclusion of images tags etc to your content.

WP Robot Review

Moreover, with the help of Word Press Robot you can post content from sites like eBay, YouTube and Clickbank Amazon etc. Apart from this, WP Robot can add videos from You tube, auctions from eBay, products for sale from Amazon to the WP weblogs to make them much more effective and lively. Moreover, you have the control over the content you generate with WP Robot. New modules are being added in WP Robot to enhance its abilities.


WP Robot is a paid software and the prices vary with the package and module you want to go in for. Buying the full version of WP Robot cost you $169 and if you buy all the modules of it separately it will cost you $220. However there are a few modules which are available free of cost. Enumerated below are the prices of some of the modules:

Amazon Module: $35

Article Module: $30

eBay Module: $20

YouTube Module: $15

Yahoo Answers Module: $20

Translation Module: $10

Flickr Image Module: $20

RSS Module: $20

ClickBank, , Shopzilla, Twitter, Yelp, iTunes are available for free


There are several competitors of WP Robot in the market but it faces a real and tough competition with WP Turbo, which is new auto blogging software which has plenty of modules to match the numerous modules of WP Robot. Also, detailed documentation and great affiliate program of WP Turbo have made it popular.

How is it different from Competitors?

There are other auto blogging plugins available in the market but what makes WP Robot stands out of the crowd is its simplicity to use and its Randomization feature. There are other much more expensive plugins that give you automated content. On the contrary, WP Robot gives you 100 per cent natural content as it has a distinct feature of randomization which is not available with other plugins.

It has more modules than any other auto blogging plugins and that has made it a must buy tool for webmasters.


Several people have been using WP Robot satisfactorily. They have come down to the conclusion that WP Robot is the ultimate too to get 100 per cent natural content to their website at regular intervals and help them in earning huge profits. Its randomization feature has made it market leader for creating blogs for Word Press.

So, if you want to have the best value of your investment and want targeted traffic to your website to save your time and make huge profits you can avail WP Robot.

Conclusion – If it is Worth Buying or Not?

A large number of unique features and innumerable modules have made WP Robot  much sought after for those who are in online marketing business. There are other auto blogging plugins available in the market but WP Robot has proved to be the best and to add auto posts around eBay auctions, YouTube videos or Amazon products nothing can be better tool than WP Robot.

Return of Investment when Buying this

WP Robot plugin is made available to you the moment you pay. It gives you the best value of your investment. This is powerful and easy to use tool to get the unique and natural content to your website which in turn diverts targeted traffic to your website. So if you have websites, buying WP Robot is indispensable for you to make reap profits and to make your business flourish.

Coupons or Discounts (if any)

On clicking on one of the banners you get access to WP Robot official website where you can copy the WP Link Robot discount couponcode or discount coupon. What you all need to do is to paste the WP Robot discount coupon code on the given box and start saving money on the price that you pay to buy WP Robot plugin.

WP Robot Video Tutorials:

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