WP Policy Pack Plug-In Review- A Premium plugin for better search ranking for WordPress sites

WP Policy pack plug-in is an unique plug-in that makes sure that your WordPress site follows all the major  norms for better search ranking. It includes a set of features to make your site Ad Word friendly and comply all the design and page inclusion norms as specified by Google.  It’s a good way to increase your quality ranking with the help of a built-in dashboard tool

WP Policy Pack Plug-In

Apart from internally search optimizing your pages, checking internal link, adding quality content etc there are quite a few inclusions you need to make in your site to ensure that your site is all ready for site engines. There are quite a few landing page guidelines which have to be incorporated in your site to get good rankings. This includes adding disclaimer pages, privacy and anti-spam pages etc.  It very essential  that your site includes a valid disclaimer while you are offering or promoting products and subscriptions  so that your users would get to know your current policies and disclaimers.

The plug-in works with all themes and automatically adds the below 10 pages your site. You can then edit the pages and add  your custom data, change the design scheme and layout as per your requirement.  The plug-in also includes shortcodes where you can insert your company information and use it in a number of pages. Any subsequent change would just need to be done once instead of changing every page having that information. You can also choose to omit certain pages from those given below.

  • Anti-spam Policy Template
  • Disclaimer Template
  • DMCA Notice Template
  • Earning Disclaimer Template
  • E-mail Policy Template
  • External Links Policy Template
  • Medical Disclaimer Template
  • Privacy Policy Template
  • Terms of Use Template
  • Testimonial Disclaimer Template


The WP Policy pack plug-in is priced at $20.00 and is very useful to make your site AdWord compatible as it includes many key features that a majority of sites ten to ignore, and thereby cause their rankings to slip down.

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WP Policy Pack Plug-In Review- A Premium plugin for better search ranking for WordPress sites, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating