Woo Themes Review

Harnessing Potential of Web using Woo Themes

Woo Themes are aesthetically designed top quality word press themes and plug-ins. Woo Themes have a wide range of highly ‘appealing’ theme templates. These templates are best suited to meet template requirements for creating a website for media, commercial, food website, artistic design and such other purposes.

Woo Themes

What Woo Themes Have For You?

When you decide to choose any of the Woo themes you get the most premium web pages. Each of the Woo Themes Templates is highly recognized for most attractive visualized impressions. Now, when most of the people say that they belong from different business class, they need not worry as Woo themes are available in a variety of templates of business, portfolio themes, multimedia themes as well as magazine themes. So, it has multiple solutions for your requirement.

So, with Woo Themes, you get enormous power in your hands, however it is up to the user to decide the way its potential is to be harnessed.

Official Website:

Getting the full information regarding the product you are going to own is a prerequisite for placing an order. That is for getting you comprehensive information regarding all its features, the way it works, how you can explore its benefits and much more has been incorporated in the official website at www.Woothemes.com. It is your one stop shop for availing everything you wish to know about Woo Themes. With each of the features and services explained in lucid language you can get the points easily. Don’t know what to do if you don’t get something about Woo? Well when you click on the feedback, this problem is solved and now with it you are directly connected to the creators of the website.

People Associated with It:

Well, when you get such powerful website themes which make it much easier to gain power on the web; you would like to know about the people who actually made it possible. When you ask it “it’s a team work” is the straight answer from people who actually use it. Yet the lead people behind producing stunning Woo themes templates include Adii Pienaar, Magnus Jepson and Mark Forrester. Adii considers himself the rock star and Jepson is called as the flash by other teammates. And Mark is the man who is highly bestowed with the responsibility of designing. Besides they are also supported by other exceptionally talented and committed people who include Coen Jacobs (Developer), Cobus Bester (Desginer), Daniel Dudzic (Forum Ninja) and a few other people.


For many people, the most admired advantage while choosing Woo Themes is that they are entitled to get the best value on their investment. The variety of templates is also a Woo factor for many. So, whether you are engaged in developing business class portal, social cause or entertainment website, Woo Themes meet to your every requirement and that too at the affordable prices.

*Further when you subscribe to the wordpress Woo Themes, you are offered two additional themes each month and you don’t pay for that.

*Most of the people are also happy to get specialized templates for their websites. With Woo Themes like Canvast you find the tools which add value and efficiency to your online presence.

*Templates like Business and Magazine let you to create the customized front page with additional facility of featuring posts as well as slider. In themes like canvas you find in-built canvas so that you do not need to play with those third party plug-ins in order to get that functionality.


People who wish to add PHP coding in their websites through the Hook Manager (A specialized feature of Woo theme) may be disappointed a bit here. Yes, it doesn’t support. However those hooked to the inferior technology standards may face problems. But those who need it can go in for the alternate options of direct edicts in Woo Theme files.

Actually, there is not much to explore about its cons as when you use the themes only then you can decide which one best meets your requirements. Those who expect much on the SEO front may find it easy to notice that less effective impressions.


Ease of Use:

This is what most of the website developers and owners expect and Woo Themes don’t disappoint you either. Soon after downloading those on your computer you can upload Woo theme on your website in a few minutes. They are very handy to use so you have time, money and resources.

Wide Range of Availability:

The first and foremost feature of Woo Themes is that you can choose the suitable theme from among 105 impressive templates of Woo themes. Further, two additional Woo themes are added which are regularly equipped with further innovative features.

Web 2.0 Supporting Themes:

Those engaged in internet marketing are well aware of Web 2.0 technology and each of the Woo themes be it Magazine, Estate, Inspire or any other Woo Templates support Web 2.0 technology.

Graphical Features:

Graphical representations are the things which make for a dynamic website and thus attracts the visitors. Woo themes gets you the most impressive artistic presentations even in its headers. Many people worldwide admire its feature of classic color combinations which is ‘pleasant’ to the eyes. High quality contrasting features, darker background and to top them all, the excellent readability of fonts, gets users unforgettable experience.

Woo Themes Design:

Designing of Woo themes is what sets them apart from the rest. You can experience a huge range of Woo Themes all prepared with top quality designing formats. All of the Woo themes have impressive professional look. They do appeal users effectively. When you add stunning images to the site they turn into dynamic trendsetting templates.


Most of the people like to customize the standard Woo themes in their own way in order to get that personalized and Woo Themes embedded features let them to do this smartly. You can use its customizing tools in order to turn the website perform your way.

With Woo Themes you can add the edited program codes in a single CSS file. This saves you from editing a plethora of different files. You can also update and upgrade your themes with the newer version easily.

SEO Features:

Want your website to figure in the top searches on various search engines like Google? Equipped with all advanced SEO tools, you can optimize the website easily. In order to make configuring easier, Woo Themes have been equipped with basic tools for configuring title tag, indexing, archive, meta keywords etc. to make your website search engine friendly. Further, Woo themes like Canvas do not interfere with third party plug-ins.

Excellent Customer Support:

Rather than hovering around here and there, Woo Themes Company takes care of your every concern when you are in trouble in harnessing full potential of Woo Theme Templates. They offer you excellent customer services 24×7. You get full documentation and links to all previous problems. You can discuss your problems at the forum platform, where like minded people and experts respond to your queries. They also maintain strong customer relationship through social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Additional Features: WooDojo

Each of the Woo themes are integrated with advanced feature of WooDojo. It is in fact a group of features just integrated in a single software package for providing extra edge to the Woo Theme templates. Some of the WooDojo features you enjoy are elaborated herein;

WooDojo Tabs:

These tabs are placed in the classically placed widget.

WooDojo Custom Code:

With this tool you can customize by adding easy custom codes whereby you can easily modify HTML codes as per your specifications.

WooDojo Short Links and WooDojo Branding:

With classic tools of WooDojo, short links are created automatically for each of your posts on website. Further WooDojo branding rebrands your log-in screen with yet another customized logo.

WooDojo Commerce and WooDojo Sidebars:

These are two highly valuable tools. With Woo Commerce, a powerful plug-in lets you to sell anything you want smartly. With Sidebars, you can customize widget areas.

How it Works:

When you ask how the Woo Themes function you would discover “smartly” as people who use these themes are prompt to respond. Each of the Woo Themes has embedded framework which is excellently fine tuned in order to meet the requirements of specific needs of users. You get full control over the Woo Themes by offering lucrative options for pages.

Further, themes can be provided with any kind of styles which are suitable to the website by its wide range of additional features. That is why each of themes has been equipped with additionally advanced features. Auto-sizing thumbnails lets you to alter the text size and images in convenient manner. Woo Themes also have wide uses of its features like Translation features.WooThemes


When you ask for the price you need to pay for Woo Theme Templates it is not actually the price, it is the investment. A single standard Woo Theme template can be availed by paying $70. You also get two additional themes as a bonus so upon calculation, it is actually $23.3 per theme. One of the highly admired advantages of Woo themes is that these can be used for an unlimited number of domain names.
If you are a developer you can go in for a developer package which entitles you with getting bonus 3 Woo Themes, free of cost. And what do you pay? It’s meager $150. You also get free layered-Photoshop files.

These are the packages which lure people on a short scale. However, those who are engaged in preparing websites for their clients prefer to go in for the club member ship package whereby they get access to all 105 Woo Themes and the package price is quite affordable at $125. You can enjoy all these with the standard subscription of just $15 per month.

Yet another advantage is that you get access to all of the previous themes. Further two additional themes are also offered each month.


When it comes to offering value for money, people invest in Woo Themes as it does its work quite well. A few of its competitors are Thesis, StudioPress (Genesis).When you subscribe to Woo Themes you get two free themes each month while you don’t find any when you opt for Thesis. So, people have extra benefit by choosing Woo rather than other themes.

How is it different from the Competitors

There are many areas in which Woo Themes have an edge over their peers and WooDojo advanced tools is something which is trendsetting and something its competitors like to emulate.

With each theme, you get the guidelines explaining all nuts and bolts of the Woo Themes and people like to call it the “tutorial” as they learn from it.

Many other themes like Thesis may have many complexities. Many of the customers using Thesis often complain of running their themes on 1.82 rather than actually getting the benefits of much promised 2.0.

When you realize the important and unique benefits of Woo Themes, you get to discover that they are equipped with all advanced tools you would require to make your website dynamic. When you see regular growth in increase of traffic to your website and a good chunk of them getting transferred into your customers, there is no better result you can expect.

Conclusion (Whether it is Worth Buying or Not):

If you wish to get the dynamic response to web portal, a huge traffic visit to your website and if you like watching your business volume scaling newer heights, Woo Themes is a must for your websites. They help you carve out your identity on web. Moreover, they help you to gain wide e-commerce recognition on web.

Return of Investment when Buying this:

A huge traffic, good response times and feedback are the returns you get when you invest your money in Woo Themes. When you choose readymade built in templates for providing a catalyst to your website it works the way you like. So, Woo themes help you build your reputation online as well as offline, thus further boosting the bottom line of your business. And when you see the sales graph up and up scaling newer heights you get the value as a smile on your face.

Coupons or Discounts:

Woo Themes offer you attractive woothemes discount coupon depending upon the type of package you choose. When you choose individual package you can get discounts up to 66%. A Woo Theme smartly priced at $75 can be had actually at $23.3 per theme. You can avail Woo Themes Coupon Code 2012 through which you can get opportunity to save up 25% with more than 33% success rate.

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