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Traffic Travis refers to the software that is used by SEO professionals for top ranking as well as promoting the websites. More than two million webmaster uses it for research, monitoring as well as for driving more people toward their created websites on a daily basis. Traffic Travis works for client’s website ranking and thus many professionals have recommended Traffic Travis for getting impulsion to client’s online presence. Belonging to the category of advance tools, Traffic Travis comprises of SEO tools that are very essential for audacity website ranking. Different aspects of Search Engine Optimization can be best learnt from Traffic Travis. Web professionals recommend it as necessary for online presence at this competitive era.

Traffic Travis

Official Website: is developed by professional software engineers for availing comprehensive knowledge of Traffic Travis. Its helps in making people aware about their competitor’s strength. It also uncovers the simple mistakes that are a part of client websites. Besides these functions, it also helps clients in building internet links without any trouble. After encountering such problems on many websites, Traffic Travis presents a one stop solution. It provides effective methodology to beat competition removes or fixes the mistakes of websites by saving much of client’s money and time. Traffic Travis has become the ultimate tool for the website creators as they get an opportunity to rank their website high. With the little investment, clients are able to beat his or her competitor that was never possible before.

People Associated with It (Inventors and the Company Who Made It):

Affilorama Group Ltd. owns as well as operates Traffic Travis. Many experienced and dedicated software developers, through their constant effort have developed the official website of Traffic Travis. Employees are highly ambitious about their goals and thus they have come up with Traffic Travis for solving client’s problems. A SEO technology enabled by is remarkable and quite distinguishable. From the amalgamation of passion, commitment as well as ethical standards, Traffic Travis came into existence. The expert team which consists of renowned software engineers work hard for it.


There are multiple reasons for using Traffic Travis. It has provided webmaster with cutting edges for website ranking through inclusion of advanced features. Millions of webmasters are using it for better results and promotion of their websites. It is very simple to use and even a new webmaster can operate it with ease for commencing website ranking. Since SEO tools come in integrated form so there are no chances that webmasters may miss any of the required steps. With its usage, webmasters are able to locate their target and money key phrases. It is different from other SEO softwares as it provides a complete package that includes keyword research and till the end of placement checking. Webmasters avail PPC optimization as well.


It is really hard to find any limitation of Traffic Travis. But there are some areas where the webmaster gets restricted.

The maximum limit set for using Traffic Travis is five projects at a time not more than that.
There should be only hundred keywords for a single project.
There should be maximum five keywords search for SEO competition testing, domain research as well as in keyword research.

Traffic Travis


Webmasters can be benefited by advanced features of Traffic Travis. It helps in finding keyword ranking that is based on various geo precise search engine.

• Traffic Travis is easy for dealing in keyword tracking.
• Traffic Travis entails backlink checker that is meant for every individual page.
• It also entails the facility of rank checker for a single page.
• Traffic Travis supports sitemap for millions of webmasters.
• For every single page, Traffic Travis provides SEO warning.
• Effective filters are provided by Traffic Travis for refining people research as well as report.
• It also facilitates Adsense finder and helps in keyword research.
• Research for domain name is entailed by Traffic Travis. Referral of Traffic Travis has now become easier and now people can earn some money in sharing it with others. Facebook and other social networking websites can be used to share this application program.
• Timer delay is a new introduced feature in Traffic Travis. This setting helps in reducing any chances of getting banned. It also speeds up the results.
• Along with the above mentioned features, there is the introduction of white characterized reports.

How It works:

Traffic Travis is regarded as a desktop supported SEO software and there is the requirement of activation code for SEO suite to become active. There are no charges for using it. The webmaster has to provide their name along with their personal email id. Invitation code of Traffic Travis is directly mailed to their email account.

Traffic Travis

Once the webmaster gets the invitation code, then he or she can proceed further. They have to download Traffic Travis and then they have to install it by making the use of activation code. Internet connection is a must for this purpose otherwise Traffic Travis will not work.

After this installation process gets finished, webmasters can click to Projects and then fill details. Keywords can be added for monitoring and there is the facility of adding more keywords for single page.

After this, the required search engine can be selected from the relevant field. Configuring updates as well as results are the next step for checking options. It is recommendable to keep it on 25. The initial target can be set for checking at least two pages at time. If webmaster favours addition of any country’s supported search engine then results may vary accordingly. There is the requirement of sitemap link. Sitemap links help in adding internal pages speedily. These pages are added into database of Traffic Travis for activating SEO analysis. Once all such settings are successfully done then ‘save project’ can be used in the end.


Although free trial version is available for Traffic Travis but it is advisable to purchase this software as soon as possible. It takes a few seconds for installing this software on your desktop. Apart from the free version, webmasters can buy Traffic Travis by spending a little money. Online purchase for it can be made by making payments through cash transactions entailed in any bank account. The cost for one time usage of this software is $97. The cost for monthly usage and per domain is $97. For 100 keywords cost for a month is more than $97.


Traffic Travis offers stiff competition to its rivals such as Market Samurai. It is far ahead then other SEO softwares that are useful for website ranking. It tackles problems in client’s website and also presents an effective solution for it. Traffic Travis has set landmarks as well as standards in front of others to follow.

If anyone follows comparative analysis between Traffic Travis and other software developers then they can easily get to know about the merits as well as benefits that are associated by using Traffic Travis for one’s website. Innovative and advanced features are quite desirable by every webmaster.

Trafic travis review

How is it Different from the Competitors?

After using Traffic Travis software, anyone can clearly point out the benefits that are associated with it. It is unique as well as has distinct features which are not yet available in other softwares used for website ranking. Tools for website positioning, keyword search, domain search, SEO contest research are very effective for anyone who owns or creates a website. It also draws people towards webmaster created websites and helps in increasing countless visitors on websites. This in return becomes the most important part for online earning.


With the reviews by Traffic Travis users, it can be rightly said that they are highly satisfied with it. They are availing desired results which is well meet with their huge expectations. So if webmasters wish to secure the first ranking for their created website then Traffic Travis is all worth for them.

With Traffic Travis, clients are able to manage huge visitors to their website and this has become much easier with it application. For high gain in balance sheet and moving up of business graphs there is always a requirement of Traffic Travis software. It is known for its great assisting ability which helps webmasters in achieving high ranking than others. It is completely impossible to inflate online presence without using a SEO software such as Traffic Travis.

Conclusion (Whether it is Worth Buying or Not)

Buying Traffic Travis is always a worthy investment. Business owners belonging to different category such as Promotions, online marketing or SME business and even engaged in advertising, prefer Traffic Travis for their benefits. It has always enhanced their company potential whether it is on web or off web.

Return Of Investment When Buying This:

Increased visitors and great traffic routed for created website are basic results that are originated by using Traffic Travis. This increases business potential and enhances ratings of websites. It has become a common method of earning in the world of internet technology. It is very rightly said that spending on Traffic Travis is really a worthy investment. One time investment helps in securing future business perspectives as well.


Coupons or Discounts (if any):

As you become enough concerned to go for the purchase of Traffic Travis SEO tool, you may also be offered with specific amount of discount during your purchase procedure. As Traffic Travis is committed to give you the best SEO tool, they do not have any such discount facility. If you find any of the discounts during your purchase that will totally be of instant nature rather than of permanent. So don’t lose this opportunity, go and grab it with possible discounts.

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