Top 5 Reasons to Choose VPS over Shared Hosting


There are obviously three forms of hosting that any persons website can be built and hosted upon. You cannot be in the World Wide Web without a hosting or a housing that will give you access to the world and make your websites visible to the World Wide Web. The hosting system involves a central type of server called housing where all the activities of the websites and other smaller servers are controlled.

The three types of hosting system involve are the Dedicated Server System that gives you a particular server that you have absolute control of. After this comes the shared hosting system where you are given just a disk space or a bandwidth in a server you have to share with many others. This shared hosting system is available to allow people who do not have enough funds to manage their websites in shared servers. But between the two is a VPS or virtual private server system that will give you most of the services of the Dedicated Server System just in a computer in your business premises. It gives you some level of control over the server though not an absolute kind of control. There are five top reasons that will make any web user choose the VPS hosting system over the Shared Hosting System, and they are.

1.Affordability: the virtual private server system is seen to be very affordable. This is mostly when you compare what you get from it with the price you pay. It will give you almost all you get from the Dedicated Server in a much reduced price.

2.Security: the VPS hosting system is much secured; by this I mean since you don’t share a server space but just the resources of a single physical server among numerous virtual servers, you have the opportunity of making some encryptions to protect your website, files and documents. You do not have external influences from users of the same server with you.

3.Flexibility: the flexibility of this type of hosting is also very obvious as you are allowed to use all the settings involved in any form of web site. You are also allowed to create all forms of web programs so far as they are compatible with the hosts system. You can also create and use a lot of customized applications.

4.Multiplicity of Services: the multiple purposes that you get from the VPS are marvelous.VPS hosting does not only allow you host your website. It can also allow you store your back up files and even allow you host email addresses and others. This is not all, since you can host a lot of websites on the VPS server, you can even use it for business as a reseller by giving out some spaces to some clients and getting good money from them.

5.Hosting Space and Speed: unlike the shared hosting plan that will only give you some disk space or a limited number of bandwidth that will disappoint when it is strained, you have much unlimited space when you make use of the VPS hosting system. You will always enjoy the use of this type of hosting plan.

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