Tokokoo Tokobuku Theme Review

Tokobuku is a special WordPress theme that upgrades the presence of your publishing business. Tokobuku themes perfectly match business requisites of your WordPress site to propose better growth prospects. Tokobuku theme is embedded with “book store” like plugins that display illustrations and various demo versions for visualizations. Tokobuku has clean, elegant and minimal design, which run smoothly on your online store. Tokobuku is a recently launched Apparel theme that gives a lovable attack with elegant, focused and attractive design.

Tokokoo Tokobuku Theme


• Multiple Product Image

This feature of Tokobuku theme provides you an opportunity to expose products and avail plentiful stock of photos for each brand. Use of this plugin makes your theme capable of handling “Multiple Product Images” easily with the use of thumbnails.

• Support Power

Tokobuku theme support power is actually a nomination for dynamic volunteers to offer a perfect aid to users associated with the creation of WordPress site. Usually, nominees are organized by several topics involved with the problem of users.

• Solid Code Framework

Tokobuku theme makes use of “HTML and CSS3” coding for presenting a responsive layout. By using these coding techniques, theme developer can incorporate a number of unique features like localization support, more layout options, theme translation, more skins and archive page template.

Tokokoo Tokobuku Theme

• Cross Selling

Tokobuku theme espouses an idea of cross selling that represents an alternative and accumulation of customers interested in latest products. This theme allows users to present a manually designed detail page of product on WordPress site.

• Unique Segmentation

Tokobuku theme has a broad spectrum of usage to various segments, as it is intended for different purposes. Tokobuku theme has been designed specifically to contend unique business requisites of different users.

• Access To Google Docs

This feature supports book-selling rationale of countless users associated with WordPress theme. Tokobuku theme also provides widgets that permit users of online stores to read PDF format through Google Documents.

• Integrated With Google Maps

This feature enables users to display locations of their offline stores that build trustworthiness of users for a specific brand. Not only this, users can also include a location map with the use of iFrame introduced by Google Maps.

Tokokoo Tokobuku Theme

• Blog Integration

Live blogging is a plugin developed for supporting blogs usually engaged in micro blogging of functional events. This plugin allows users to create micro-blog entries in the version of post-edit screen.


Tokobuku theme presents a gorgeous bookstore with a responsive layout for your business site so that users can enjoy a fruitful position on web. This theme involves a number of unique features like Custom Widgets, Theme Panel, Social Media Icons, SEO Settings and Testimonials.


There is no doubt that Social Networking Sites have evolved as an effectual tool for online marketing and brand exposure. But, this online marketing tool is integrated with some drawbacks that puts an impact on the functioning of business units. Online marketing in some or the other way has an adverse effect on sales prospects.


For Standard Use: $75
For Developer Use: $129.9
Monthly Subscription for Standard Club: $15
Monthly Subscription for Developer Club: $20.

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