Tokokoo Paloogada Theme Review

Paloogada is a superior WP eCommerce theme created for apparel and fashion product. Paloogada is an acronym for “Apa Lu Mau, Gua Ada” that represents “What You Want is What We Served For”. Paloogada, as the name suggests strive to accomplish the needs of theme users in every possible manner so that they can display grid or list view, choose products and expose brand on WordPress site. Paloogada is a multi-faceted theme that incorporates Responsive Layout, Custom Widgets, Ecommerce Plugins, Photo Slider and other Related Products. Single idea of choosing Paloogada can embed simple, masculine and stylish view to your site.

Tokokoo Palgooda Theme


• Hero Photo Slider

Paloogada themes allow users to present best products in a manner so that it can strike the eyes of visitors immediately after they enter homepage of website. Site owners can have maximum number of likes as soon as users watch pictures and divulge a powerful action.

• Multiple Product Image

This trait of Paloogada theme facilitate you an opportunity to expose product and avail plentiful stock of photos for each brand. Use of this plugin makes your theme competent to handle “Multiple Product Images” easily with the use of thumbnails.

Tokokoo Palgooda Theme

• Cross Selling

Paloogada theme adopts an initiative of cross selling that represents an alternative and accumulation of customers interested in latest products. This theme allows users to present a manually designed detail page of product on WordPress site.

• Facebook Page Integration

This plugin permits users to expose products on Facebook gallery so that visitors can easily search countless products on a single platform. Business owners can easily upload products that can be automatically viewed by myriad users.

• E-Commerce Plugin

This plugin makes it simple for users to add a shopping cart on your WordPress site. In addition to this, E-Commerce plugin enables you to enhance product sale. This interface is very familiar for countless users of WordPress theme so they can save time utilized in learning skills.

• Built-In WordPress 3.0 Menu Support

Paloogada theme is enriched with some unique features and one of them is “WordPress 3.0 Menu Support”. This feature supports current version so that users can upgrade the website to improve its worth and usefulness.

• Theme Options Menu

Paloogada theme is equipped with options menu, which is a special contribution of Tokokoo team. This plugin makes your setting easy to customize so that users can incorporate all desirable changes in WordPress theme.

• WordPress Packages

Paloogada theme lets its customers enjoy the benefit of unique WordPress theme that comes with complete integration of remarkable attributes. By having this complete WordPress package, users can efficiently accomplish their business needs.


Paloogada is another stunning theme from Tokokoo designed especially for Apparels to present a masculine view. Tokokoo theme developers try their best efforts to gratify every desire of users. This theme provides you a platform to promote, expose and sell variety of products belonging to your store. In addition to masculine view, Paloogada theme enjoys some standard features like list or grid view for web page of your product, link to Page Store of Facebook, Photoslider on top of homepage, and 4 custom-widget at the bottom of page.


Paloogada is a fabulous and dynamic apparel theme that proposes an excellent way to improve your brand reputation and run an online store. Still, some downsides of Paloogada theme are comparatively in number but needs consideration while purchasing a theme. Some features of Paloogada theme are almost similar to the attributes of other eCommerce theme.


For Standard Use: $75
For Developer Use: $129.9
Monthly Subscription for Standard Club: $15
Monthly Subscription for Developer Club: $20.

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