Tokokoo Appcloud Theme Review

Appcloud is a premium WP E-Commerce theme designed especially for Apps Store. This theme is recommended for users willing to showcase and promote their Apps Product like gadgets, graphic and many other products. Appcloud theme has glossy and minimal design that presents some of the strongest points of this ecommerce theme. This theme is the perfect fusion of calm white, grey and blue color to propose an eye-catching appearance. Appcloud theme can easily grab attention of countless users and increase the worth of WordPress site.

Tokokoo Appcloud Theme


• Custom Logo/Branding

This feature avails users an opportunity to change the image of brand logo that perfectly suits their WordPress site. Site owners can easily integrate this attribute simply by pressing upload button.

• Alternative Skins

It is very apparent that visitors often get bored by looking at the same appearance color of your website. This is the major cause why Appcloud theme presents a broad array of unique and colorful theme from which users can choose the most desirable theme skin.

• Custom CSS

To use this plugin, there is no requisite to accustom how it works. Appcloud theme developers provide its users an input column so that they can paste CSS code on WordPress theme.

• Analytics

It is very imperative for site owners to know the exact figure of visitors of a specified period. This plugin allows users to accustom the worth of site and its ranking on search engine. To incorporate this plugin, users can paste its software script to the available form to assimilate the traffic through analytics account.

Tokokoo Appcloud Theme

• Ads Management

Appcloud theme supports ads campaigns on WordPress site in order to expose different brands and augment the merit of site. Selection of advertisement and its size entirely depends upon the constraint of users.

• Customizable Background

Incorporation of default background is an old trend and current era demands frequent modifications. This plugin presents users an option to customize background to make your site look more appealing and attractive.

Tokokoo Appcloud Theme

• Social Media Share

Today, social media channels have evolved as most recommended networking platform for brand exposure and better sales prospects. This feature permits users to share products and relevant details with community.

• RSS & Newsletter

Incorporation of this plugin can divert huge traffic towards your website. Site owners can easily increase the number of visitors by using “RSS and newsletter”. To acquire maximum benefits with the use of this plugin, site owners can simply paste the URL link on the form of Appcloud theme.


Appcloud theme is compatible with WordPress 3.8 version and this is the reason why customer has utmost faith in this them. This theme is rebuilt with “HTML and CSS3” coding that further makes this theme more valuable.


E-Commerce theme has some downsides for the simple reason that eCommerce is not an effectual remedy for business. It can help customers in the expansion of geographical reach of customers. But, E-Commerce cannot assist you establish an online store and promote product across the world.


Beginners can buy standard theme at $75
Professionals can avail developer theme package at a reasonable price of $129.9.

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