TheThe Shot Theme Review

The Shot theme was designed with keeping columnists, photographers and artists in consideration. In other words it is a photography studio, a gossip column and a film noir all rolled into one.

TheThe Shot Theme


• SEO Powered– The theme is integrated with features that are optimized with search engines, which helps the websites figuring in the top results of search engines, thereby drawing traffic from other websites. This feature makes the theme almost indispensable from the commercial point of view.

• Cross Browser Adaptability– The theme is adaptable with all leading web browsers. The internet browsers with which the theme is compatible with include Opera, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari.

• Widgetization– The theme offers a 100% support for widgetization, thereby enhancing the accessibility of various options that the website offers.

• Ad Banners Ready– The theme makes available a number of advertising spots to the users, which can be bought by interested advertisers, or even used for the promotion of in house brands, thereby generating revenues.

• Layout Generator– The theme sports a 960 pixel layout generator for grid layouts, which facilitates the convenient and quick resizing of images and columns.

• Pre-designed HTML coding– The theme also sports inbuilt HTML boxes that helps users type things just the way they see them. In other words, the features like the spacing between words or fonts are of the same nature.

• Colour Schemes– The user gets spoilt for choice due to the availability of numerous different and detailed colour schemes.

• Custom Logo Uploader– The theme enables users to sport a logo that best tends to suit their requirements, all thanks to the custom logo uploader sported by the theme.


The theme with its custom panel and slider panels lends an advanced degree of customization to the theme. The user can easily tweak various settings to make the website tend to their requirements in the most optimal way.


The theme sometimes takes a little longer than what it usually takes to download, in case of excessive data.


The theme is priced at $35.

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