Themify Blogfolio Theme Review

Blogfolio is an advance WordPress theme that proffers an innovative layout option for highlighting portfolio and blogging sites. This theme is designed specifically for providing maximum space on web page so that users can display more information. Blogfolio theme is just the right option for photographers, illustrators, artists and designers. This theme features a number of unique features like threaded comments, fast navigation, custom menus, feature box, layout options and multiple-widget areas.

Themify Blogfolio Theme


• Threaded Comments

This plugin allows users to post comments sequentially and gives full support for new comments available on WordPress 3.0 that includes threading and paging. Blogfolio theme incorporates this plugin so that users can post their comment in response to the comment of other readers.

• Responsive Layout

Responsive designs have enhanced the expected standards of WordPress theme. Responsive layout makes your theme more smooth and adjustable so that the theme can fit in any screen resolution.

• Footer Sliders

Footer slider is a pop-up footer used by visitors to see an advertisement for brand exposure. Visitors also use this plugin for subscribing to email newsletters in order to sponsor an event and invite people.

• 4 Different Theme Skins

To enhance the look of your WordPress site, Blogfolio theme allows user to change the theme skin at frequent intervals according to the requisite of the website. For more augmented look, you can also create your own theme skin that perfectly suites your website and its content.

• Photoshop Files

Photoshop files permit users to find an appropriate theme or rather a perfect WordPress platform by following instructions given on website. Users can create Blogfolio theme from Photoshop files and can copy images from main platform and child theme.

• Cross-Browser

Blogfolio theme is compatible with all the latest browsers so that website layout and the message is safe during browser translation. For designers, it is very important to confirm that the professional job of client is not obstructed and the site will run efficiently on every browser.

• Theme Options Panel

This plugin makes it easy for developers to include multi-faceted options panel in WordPress theme. Site owners can use this plugin for personal and portfolio projects without playing any cost.

• Footer Widgets

Footer widget provides site owners a section of low maintenance that can be directed from WordPress interface. Users can also name footer widgets for simple identification within interface. Users can also include formatting to Widgeted areas.

Themify Blogfolio Theme


As Internet Explorer 9 supports new features of CSS3, Themify theme developers have revamped Blogfolio theme with CSS3 as well. With the integration of this trait in Blogfolio them, users can handle rounded corners along with drop shadow for enhanced functionality of WordPress site.


Blogfolio theme experienced a down time for a couple of days sometime back. This truly affected its accessibility and manageability in an unproductive manner. However, the theme provider recently made a transition to new server. During break down, Blogfolio theme failed to contend to the needs of customers but now, it is providing better service and experience to myriad users.


Standard Package: $39
Developer Package: $59
One-year Subscription for Standard Club: $69
One-Year Subscription for Developer Club: $89.

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