ThemeWarrior Retro Theme Review

Retro is a beautifully coloured theme which offers some very awesome and bold, vintage looking colour schemes. No matter which colour scheme you choose, you website is definitely going to get the perfect look and feel.

ThemeWarrior Retro Theme


• Colour styles

Retro wordpress theme offers three elegant looking colour schemes namely in light brown, green, and brown.

• Custom widgets

The theme users will find seven customized widgets to help you change the theme setup easily. The seven different custom widgets include Warrior Twitter, Warrior flickr, Warrior sidebar Ad, warrior subscription counter, Warrior feedburner, Warrior tabs, and warrior social media.

• Widget areas

This wordpress theme offers two widget areas namely the footer and the sidebar. The widgets are drag and drop type and hence you can easily use these widgets.

• Banner Ad management

From the warriorPanel section, you can easily manage your advertisements.

• Easy to use theme options

The warriorPanel is very simple to use because it is designed in a very easy and neat way. Hence, users will be able to customize the theme options page.

• Automatic thumbnail resizing

The theme supports in-built post thumbnail wordpress featured image or involving custom field and TimbThumb script.

• Cross browser compatibility

The theme is highly compatible with latest browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer, Safari, and many more browsers that are going to come.

• Framework updates

The users will get instantaneous updates with just one button click using the framework updater which this wonderful wordpress theme framework provides.

• Custom page templates

The users can also customize these page templates in the way they want. The page templates included with this theme by default are blog, full width, portfolio page, and archives. You can add new page templates like links, etc. which have new functionalities and allow you to add more functions to your website or blog.

• Advanced SEO options

This theme offers many SEO related services. So using this theme will not only help you make a powerful and elegant website but will also support you in promoting your website and thereby your products and services. The designing and development of the theme is done keeping in mind the search engine optimization orientation.

• Logo uploader

This feature is provided so that you can maintain your website’s branding with ease by making use of the logo uploader feature. It allows you to upload and store multiple logos and use them whenever you require.

• Favicon uploader

Favicons can be easily uploaded and managed to your website. Now, when the visitors will type your website URL in their browser tab, your brand’s logo will appear which will make your website recognizable.

• Structured theme files

All the theme files offered by this wordpress theme are well structured and organized. Groups are created for each category file which make it easy for the users to modify as well as understand.

• Localized translations

To ensure that your website can be read by people from all parts of the world easily, the translation ready feature was included. This feature will help to translate all the theme text and options into a language which you want. This feature is of special advantage to those developers who are developing a professional website for their client in other than English language.

• Theme documentation and support

The user guide and documentation is of great help to the users especially the beginners. In these documentations they will find detailed instructions on how to use the theme and its various features in their project. The customer support portal of the theme is managed by highly professional theme designers who will answer all your queries, doubts, and question at the earliest. The support in the form of live chat, videos, emails, forums, messages, posts, etc. is available with this theme.

• PSD files

The PSD design files which are provided with this theme are organized in a proper manner.

ThemeWarrior Retro Theme


All the features are designed keeping the specific needs and requirements of the news, magazines, and article related websites. The easy to customize features help to make the website more suited to the topic. The cost of the theme is very low as compared to the number of features and functionalities it offers.


Some designers feel that the loading speed of this theme is not very fast. They complain of that including a large amount of data and images, affects the website loading speed considerably.


The cost of standard package is $39.
The cost of developer package is $69.

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