Theme Foundry Shelf Theme Review

Shelf WordPress theme is unique in the sense that it is tumble log style theme. The theme has an original scrolling horizontal layout. It has a fluid and responsive design. The sites using this theme look beautiful on ipads, iphones and other mobile devices. The theme has been designed by John Hicks.

Theme Foundry Shelf Theme


The theme has following important features:

• Theme is HTML5 and CSS3.
• Theme is compatible with modern browsers like Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox, opera and IE (8, 9 and 10).
• Keyboard navigation and scrolling is in built.
• Custom copyright notice is included in the theme.
• Own background image can be added.
• Readers remain intact with the sites using this theme because of beautiful handcrafted social networking icons like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Opera and Google+.
• Background color can be customized.
• Regular theme updating is provided to keep the theme compatible with latest version of WordPress.
• Theme option menu is simple and powerful.
• Video, image, audio, quote and link post formats have been provided with the theme.
• Own images can be customized in the background of audio cards.
• Responsive type layout provides great sense on all mobile devices.
• Background title can be hidden or shown as required.Theme Foundry Shelf Theme

Theme Foundry Shelf Theme

Theme Foundry Shelf Theme


The theme has following advantages:

• Quote post format helps to post favorite quotes.
• Audio helps to listen to your favorite tracks.
• Link help to share moments with readers and viewers.
• Clean and light weight code provides easy to use, valid and readable theme.
• Theme is contemporary and dynamic.
• Reader can easily scroll contents.
• Dedicated staff provides fast and friendly customer support.


The theme costs $68 and after the first purchase with Theme Foundry, each subsequent purchase from the site will get a discount of 25%. Theme purchase includes lifelong support, tutorials and updates.

The Foundry Pro scheme costs $249 and it entitles for unlimited access to all themes from The Theme Foundry including life long support, tutorials and updates. It also entitles the user to get information about the release of new theme and a cool Pro badge against the name in Help. This scheme is very useful if the user wants to use it for clients and multiple sites.

The above fee structure is for one year and is renewed later on payment. Adopters of Foundry Pro scheme are not entitled for 25% discount made available to the purchaser of the individual theme.

Cent percent satisfaction is guaranteed. If customer is not satisfied with theme, he can claim refund in 30 days.

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