The Pros and Cons of Using Shared Hosting for Your Website


The Shared Hosting System is a web hosting system that will allow multiple users to make use of a particular server in hosting their websites. In this type of hosting plan, you will be given some disk space or bandwidth in a server depending on the amount you pay and you will host your website and that of others who might need it for them. In such hosting, you don’t have any claim to the server. You only manage your space according to the resources under your disposal. It is used as an affordable way of getting your website hosted for you because since you are sharing a particular server with numerous other users, you only pay a very little amount of money as subscription fee. This system is mostly used by those in the reseller business to host a lot of websites for private and individual owners and it has its own pros and cons.

The number one pro of the Shared Web Hosting system is that due to the fact that you are just sharing a space in a server, the server management and administration is not your duty. The job falls on the shoulder of the hosting firm and you can always trust them to have the resources to manage and repair any problems more than the Dedicated Server owners can do when their servers are down. The next is the low cost with which you get this type of hosting. It is so affordable that when you are on it, you don’t get any hole in your pocket when it is time for subscription and those repair and maintenance that goes to the server are not directed to you. It also gives you access to multiple email addresses, a very good MySQL and PHP support. When you want to purchase a shared hosting for your website, you don’t need any technical know how in web site and server administration. These are the advantages that you will derive from the use of the shared hosting system against others.

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