TemplateSold QwertyPress Theme Review

The QwertyPress theme enjoys a reputation of being highly user friendly with some unique features acting as the cherry on the cake. These features that support WordPress, like a customized menu, enable users to figure the way through the theme on their own.

TemplateSold QwertyPress Theme


Widgetization– The theme offers 100% support to widgets, lending an increased accessibility to the theme. This support further extends itself to visitors in terms of easy navigation through the site.

SEO Optimized– The theme has features that are SEO integrated, which enable the site to figure in the top results of the various search engines. This feature is especially very beneficial from the point of view of the business.

Cross Browser Support– A premium WordPress theme, it supports all major internet browsers. From Internet Explorer and Firefox to Opera, Chrome and Safari, it supports all leading web browsers.

Customized Logo-The theme enables users to get a customized logo via unique features like multi colour test and convenient graphic customization. Further the availability of 23 different web fonts is a welcome feature.

Customized Footer Code– The theme sports footer codes customized to suit the needs of the user, through which users can access Google Analytics and Google Earth. Further, it also integrates the website for live chats.

Customized Header Code– The theme integrated with a customized header code enables users to track orders and get current web stats.

Favicon support– This theme is integrated with Favicon, which makes the site have a logo on every address bar or on the tab menu.

Customized Menu Support– QwertyPress theme sports a customized menu that ensures that users have no problems with this theme. The menu support comes along with customized homepage options, lined with dropdown navigators for categories and sub categories.

Ajax and jQuery Integrated– This theme optimized with cutting edge technology of Ajax and jQuery, ensures field auto completion, thereby reducing the cost of bandwidth.


The theme is integrated to offer iPad, iPhone and Android support. Further, it can read .PSD file format as well. Adding social media integration to this theme, makes it worth the money and effort.


Some users have complained of encountering difficulties while posting a new image along with new content on the site.


The starting range of the theme is $29.95.

TemplateSold QwertyPress Theme

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