TemplateSold PinkPanther Theme Review

The PinkPanther theme with valid XHTML and CSS coding, comes with FeederBurner feeder support. Further, its highly customized approach makes it a favorite among WordPress themes.

TemplateSold PinkPanther Theme


Widgetization– The theme offers 100% support to the installation of widgets on sidebars. An increased number of widgets, makes it easier for users as well as visitors to maneuver their way around the site, while accessing various options.

SEO Optimized– The theme is optimized for search engines, making the site figure in the top results of search engines. Drawing more visitors adds to the revenues generated by the website.

Cross Browser Support– PinkPanther theme is adaptable to leading web browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, safari as well as Opera.

Supports .PSD files-The theme can read files of the .PSD format, as it is fortified with Adobe Photoshop. This feature enables users to add images extensively to their websites.

Logo Customization– The users of PinkPanther can get a customized logo for their websites with the help of attractive settings via multi colour text and with the help of customized graphics. Further, the availability of Cufon font replacement and 23 different web based fonts, leaves the users spoilt for choice.

Customized Menu Support– The theme offers full menu support to users via customized theme options page. Further, the customized homepage options and categories with drop down navigators add to the convenience of the users while they are accessing other options.

Flickr support– The website is Flickr integrated, which enables users to share images from the website on Flickr. This leads to an increase in the awareness about the website along with the number of visitors to the website.

Plug-in Support– The theme is compatible with plug-ins, which increases the scope of the website to cater to the needs of the user presently, or even in future.


The theme comes with a support for iPad, iPhone and Android which added to the host of features mentioned above, go on to make the theme custom made for a thriving website.


The only problem that users are likely to encounter is that the theme may take a lot of time to download due to excessive data.


The estimated price of the theme is pegged at $29.95.

TemplateSold PinkPanther Theme

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