TemplateSold InfraLight Theme Review

Sporting an integration of WordPress 3 features and numerous theme options for configuration of the settings, the Infralight theme is marked by its ability to be customized according to the needs of the users.

TemplateSold InfraLight Theme


SEO optimized– The Infralight theme is integrated with SEO, thereby giving websites using the Infralight theme a chance to figure in the top searches of the search engines, and thereby attracting more traffic.

Favicon Support– The theme is Favicon integrated which makes the website sport an alternate logo on the address bar or on the tab menu.

Logo Customization– The theme enables its users to design customized logos. These logos can be created to have a strong impact on its visitors through the use of multi colour text and easy to use graphics.

Ajax and jQuery Support– The theme is integrated with Ajax and jQuery sliders which reduce bandwidth cost by field auto completion. Further with their easy setup options, users can easily figure out their settings, without requiring any professional help.

Cross Browser Support– The theme is adaptable to leading web browsers namely Opera, Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer.TemplateSold InfraLight Theme

Flickr– The users of the theme can easily share pictures from their sites on the photo albums on Flickr, as the theme is Flickr integrated.

Social Media Icons– The theme has social media icons like those of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. These icons, enable visitors to share content from the website on other social networking sites, thereby increasing the brand’s presence on the website.


Another addition to the high degree of customization that characterizes the theme is the support it offers to the installation of new plug-ins. Further, its compatibility with other digital devices like iPad, iPhone and Android, make the theme worth the effort.


The theme may take a longer time to download than otherwise, due to excessive data.


The theme is priced at $29.95.

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